1-800 Flowers Lawsuit


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They discussed this on breakfast TV in Australia the other day; the consensus is that he hasn't got a leg to stand on.

We got sent a newspaper clipping about six months after 9/11. You may have seen it - it alleged to be reporting the first divorce resulting from 9/11.
A bloke had set off for work that morning but instead of going to his office high in one of the towers, he stopped off for a long dalliance with his girlfriend. They turned off the phones, the radio and the TV so they wouldn't be distracted. Several hours later he turned his mobile phone back on, still at girlfriend's place and the phone rang almost immediately. It was his wife, who had been ringing her husband's mobile phone almost constantly, terrified for him, because she had watched the towers collapse.
"Where are you? Are you OK?"
"Of course I'm OK!" he interrupted. "I'm sitting at my desk, in my office! Where else would I be?"

I doubt anyone could talk their way out of that one.

If this report was not true, someone went to a lot of trouble to fake a newspaper clipping and then scan it.



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I love it.............more power to the flower guy!!!! If we could all be so bold, perhaps there would be less craziness in the world. OK, maybe not.

And Marg, that is a hilarious story........had not heard that. Talk about BUSTED!


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I think the word for it is "Karma"! He got EXACTLY what he deserved ... well, maybe not quite ... but it's good enough!

I will never understand this attitude! The divorce is THE FLORISTS fault? It''s not HIS fault for cheating on his wife? It's THE FLORISTS fault for causing him to get caught! Gimme a break!

This guy must know my ex-husband :cool: "Mr. Teflon"!!