Wedding plans update


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So Saturday Jumper, Hunter me and Hunters mom are going for a two hour ride to see a lovely possible venue. Apparently you need to put a deposit down early at this place. Well, this is early lol. I am excited.

When we go to Illinois in a few weeks we decided to spend some fun time trying on dresses. Princess is a Maid of Honor and Baby will be Flower Girl, but I think she will stay home with Dad! She IS spending the night in our hotel suite so that Princess and SO can be alone that night for the first time since Baby was born.

Lastly ,(and remember the actual wedding is not until 1 1/2 years off) Jumper is thinking of a ceremony with just the closest family there then having a big reception at a hotel. That way whoever gets drunk at the wedding (and I am threatening to my daughters horror) can stay there.

The wedding will be outside in a beautiful setting in less it rains. This venue has gorgeous scenery and s lovely barn in case of inclement weather. This is IF they chose this venue.

This is it so far. I am sure there will be many changes.