11 years and he finally gets it wow.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Aug 27, 2010.

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    alot of you know what i've gone thru with-my ex as i'm sure many of you, yourselves have struggled in divorce situations. that is, trying to explain to the ex all about our difficult child's and trying to get them on the same page.

    i've tried for years, battled him, had to push me out of the way, he's always in the way.

    tonite after all these years of battling him, he gets it. stood there in my driveway and said i get it, gave me links to new pyschdoc's thru his insurance, told me i struggled with certain medications too!!! what??!!!

    yup he openly admitted following our divorce a decade ago he tried to take anxiety medications and had the same afffect as difficult child, other medications he tried etc. eye opening experience.

    doesn't solve the ongoing difficult child problem yet it's like a little weight has been finally lifted off my shoulder. hopefully this isnt' a fluke and it's a sign of more positive backing to come :):D
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    make sure you ask him for a list of medications he reacted strangely to and how he reacted - memorize this!! If a parent has has a reaction to a medication it is likely a child will react that way - good or bad. Not set in stone, of course, but this list can give you some assistance.

    I am glad he is able to see what you cope with. Hopefully he will quit fighting you on these things from now on.
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    Wow. Don't know what initiated it, but that's great!
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    Super-crossing fingers it lasts!