14 year old boy with Geinomasteia

Hey my son has been on a lot of medications and still is and has geinomasteia. He is being referred to a endochronologist for a check on his hormones. Does any one have any experience with geinomasteia in their boys?


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Most of the atypical Antipsychotics can cause an increase in prolactin levels, rarely to the point of lactation in both boys and girls.

You should have his prolactin levels checked ASAP. The gynecomastia is the actual development of breast tissue, not just fat.

It may go down some on its own, but if severe, once his levels return to normal and stay there, if the gynecomastia is severe, it may require surgical correction.

Losing any excess weight (also hard to do whole on atypical antipsyschotics as they mess up sugar metabolism and also cause weight gain) will help minimize the appearance of having breasts.

Getting him worked up by an endocrinologist is the best thing you can do for him right now. Make sure he is checked for type II diabetes as well. Atyp APs are notorius for causing insulin resistance and type II diabetes.


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