1st day with schedule and it worked


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So far so good. Everyone was excited to start to do their time schedule. Our "positive cans" went well to, they enjoyed that (although my husband decided NOT to participate in ANY of the "family" scheduled activities ~ another jerk of a story) and the family game time was very fun.

I kinda wondered if I would be bored or annoyed because they are little and I hear "he cheated" ect...but I had fun and the time flew by.

I know it was just 1 day, but so far so good.

Now if I can teach my difficult child to NOT act like his stepdaddy who's his fatherly role model, and keep husband from acting like another difficult child.



Glad to hear of your success -- one day at a time! Sorry husband isn't on the same page as you; I'm sure that just adds more stress. Hope the good days continue!


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I'm glad it got off to a good start. Good luck with husband. Thats a whole different problem. Mine acts like a difficult child sometimes as well. I think the kids are easier to handle.