2 day home pass.....going great!!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by bran155, Aug 10, 2008.

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    Hi all, I just wanted to give an update on our 2 day home pass from the hospital. I picked my daughter up Sat. at 9 am and she stayed with us until 10 pm last night. I then picked her up this morning at 8 am and she will return to the hospital tonight at 10 pm again. If all goes well she will be discharged Mon. at 8 am. She then has an intake appointment. at another hospital at 10 am for the partial program.

    I know this is the honeymoon period but it is fabulous!!! She has been doing great. Yesterday we actually had a mother daughter day, we went and had her hair and nails done. It was wonderful. I am actually enjoying her company. At first when the doctor put her on Haldol in the hospital I was not comfortable with that at all, however it has truly made a difference. She is so calm and collected I don't even recognize her!!! I don't know how long this will last, but hey I'll take as many good days as possible. She has been a pleasure, she has been playing nicely with her younger brother. He was so excited when he saw her, as was she when she saw him. The whole family went out to dinner last night and we had a really nice time. I brought her back at 10 last night and felt great about our day.

    Today I picked her up early, she begged me yesterday to get her at 8 am this morning. So I woke up at 6:30 am, dragged myself to the corner for a cup of coffee and in a blur drove half asleep to the hospital. So far, so good. Hang on to your seats: SHE IS AT CHURCH RIGHT NOW!!! Can you believe that one? Church!!! One of my neighbors who we have known for years invited her. Very nice lady, she knows all about our struggles and is very empathetic towards my daughter. She really cares about her. She used to take her to church when she was a little difficult child. I can't believe my daughter agreed to go. Hopefully she'll catch the Holy Ghost!!! LOL So middle of day 2 and all is still well. Unfortunately I am too jaded by now to think things are going to continue to be this good. Not saying I give up on hope, just very realistic about things at this point in our lives. So even though this is just the honeymoon, it's so nice to see these glimpses of the sweet girl living inside the chaos. :) She really looks great too.

    It is so frustrating to know that it could be this good. Why on earth can they manage to have days like this only once in a blue? If they could do it sometimes, why the heck not all the time? I know the logical answer to that question, just venting a little!!!

    I'll let you know if the other shoe drops. Thanks.:)
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    I am happy for you both, can't be easy being a difficult child. I hope it lasts forever, enjoy.
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    This is a great update! I hope things continue this way!:)
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    Thanks guys :)
  5. I am so happy that it is going well. I know you are holding your breath though! Just don't forget to let it out. lol. I had my difficult child for an overnight pass this weekend too. Best wishes to you both. I really hope that she is on the road to a better path.


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    What medications did they end up XR her?