2 days down, a life time to go

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    OK so I joined WW's on wed. and decided to try doing the Core, I know I am a carb addict so it would be better if I have no sweet treats even if they are only 2 points, so Core seemed like the best choice.

    I am really missing my coffee with cream, but I have had it with skim and splenda, and I am managing.

    I will most likely have shredded wheat or oatmeal every day for B-fast, and I have been having salads with oodles of protein (tuna, chicken, hb eggs, chick peas, roast beef or shrimp) for the past month. I just miss my balsamic dressing, I can not find a fat free balsamic dressing!

    I had brown rice with vegetarian refried beans, grilled chicken slices, salsa, ff sour cream, and ff cheese for dinner 2night, and it really filled me up, I will have that again, it was yummy.

    Anyone know if any of the smart ones or lean cuisines are Core friendly? I have a hunch the spa lean cuisings may be, but I have to go to the market to check.
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    Good for you! I've been a member since 1996 and now work for them (just weighing, not being a leader). I'm not sure which ones are Core friendly but I'm guessing on the Smart Ones it must be marked, I'm not sure about the Lean Cuisines.

    As for the balsamic dressing, if you really love it, go with it but use your fork to dip in it instead of pouring on your salad. When I go out I do that with Blue Cheese dressing (actually I do it with all dressings but especially full fat ones!
  3. amazeofgrace

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    rrrrrr with the stress these past two days, I went a bit asku, but I am determined to keep moving forward, and once I get the exercise into a routine it will help alot, I walked for an hour yesterday and cleaned the bathrooms, I am sore today though
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    We all have bad eating days-remember it's a journey and none of us are perfect all the time. Good for you for taking that walk:) Sorry you are sore though!
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    Try Ken's Lite Balsamic in the spray bottle. I love it!
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    A friend of mine does Core. I was talking to her about it on thur. She started with flex but went core when she got stuck and had several creep up weeks. She has had great success on core and is less than one pound from her goal!!

    She uses fat free half and half which you can now by. I've actually been thinking about getting my material out and looking over the core list - the only issues I have is giving up instead of moderating. That usually does not work well for me.

    Good for you!

  7. amazeofgrace

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    I find the scale is still going down, even if I slip here and there, I am sure I could be doing better, but a little progress is better then none! baby steps