Goals for Tuesday

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    Today my goals are:

    - hit the gym for an hour of weight training
    - hit the office and organize everything for the close of 2008 and the start of the new year
    - begin the payroll filings and tax work - 1099s and W2s
    - shop out new company health insurance
    - fix a healthy dinner for the family

    A few things short of yesterday's massive list. I had the post all typed up this morning and hit the back space rather than enter and lost it. By that time, it was pushing the hour of waking the kids and staring the day.

    I've accomplished the first thing on the list and finished doing some research on the computer regarding the health insurance. I'm off to the office now to tackle the remainder!

    SRL, you asked about the wrap. Here's what I do just about every week - I by that big back of Purdue boneless, skinless, frozen chicken tenders from costco. On Sunday evening, I take out and saute up (touch of olive oil, tad of sea salt and some fresh ground pepper) the chicken once I've cut it into strips. I place that in a plastic container to use during the week. easy child loves the chicken strips on a salad or a wrap for her lunch at school. difficult child just loves the chicken, period. Once morning I'll go to his room and he will have feathers I think!

    Then I take a mixture of yellow, red, and orange peppers, thinkly sliced onion, and minced garlic and saute a big batch of that. Most of the time I add a little olive oil, a few dashs of worchester sauce, a few dashes of red wine vinigar and a couple pinches of crushd red papper flakes. It too goes in a container for the week.

    Yesterday's wrap was the chicken, some green onion, some veggie cheese (yes, I know it sounds kinda gross, but I discovered it when I was doing core ww - all dairy had to be fat free and ff cheese just doesn't melt - the veggie cheese - found in the produce section - melts great. It's not great alone, but mixed with a salad or melted on something it's a good alternative to the ff stuff), lettuce and the peppers with a little spicy chinese sauce.

    Today I have already made lunch for the office and it's a wrap with just the pepper mixture, lettuce, salsa and some reduced fat sour cream.

    easy child and love wraps with just about anything in them! In the summer I loce raw squash and zuc in it. I also like sun dried tomatoes in there too. It's kinda like what's in the veggie keeper!

    One great one, and I think it's on the recipe post up top, is marinate some chicken in a little olive oil, lots of lime and a litle s&p. Pound the chicken real thin before marinating. Grill the chicken (or saute) on high heat. That way, it being so thin, it will get nice and crispy on the outside but stay really moist on the inside. It takes minutes.

    Take some nice crispy green lettuce, add a little of your fac dressing, toss and put on the wrap. Slice the chicken on the diagonal while still nice and hot and place on top of the lettuce. Add a few chunks of reduced fat feta and roll it up. I always add a little more lime juice 'cause I love citris!

    The feta melts on the chicken and the combo of the hot chicken and the cold crispy lettuce in delish!!!! That's one of my favs.

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    Sharon you are inspiring me and that wrap sounds delicious. You should consider writing your own cookbook. I will definitely try it.

    It was a full day. I didn't get exercise but it is on my agenda for tomorrow.

    Thinking Thin!

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    Sharon, thanks for the recipe. Yum!

    I wanted to get to the gym today, but A had a doctor's appointment that took most of the morning. But I did go to the grocery store and stocked up on all kinds of healthful food, including lots of fruit and veggies.

    ML, you and I will do better tomorrow.
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    Thanks for writing that up, Sharon. It sounds really flexible.