Intermittant fasting...part whatever :)


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So its been about three months. I have my big meal at 11. To explain what I eat, I will write a typical day.

First I may have scoops of fat free refried beans on low cal pita bread. Fried beans are the only beans I can tolerate but I have them a lot.

In place of that I may have a tuna sandwhich with cheese on pita bread or skip it and have two eggs or two plain fat free Fage Yogurts with diet chocolate and Stevia. Or a cup of oatmeal with fruit. So Im up to 200-300 calories. It varies.

After that it is common for me to have a tuna pie, which I love, 230 calories or a peanut butter sandwich on wheat low cal bread, about 300 calories because my peanut butter is low fat. 45 calories a teadpoon. I have more often. So we are at 500 to 600 by now for my one meal.

Fun time. I buy low cal but delish ice cream and have about 200-250 calories of that with my sugar free chocolate. Or plain. Yummy! After that I always grab a 90 calorie sugar free treat bar. Most are delish. Try Special K 90 calorie bars. Ive been known to have two :)

My coffee during my eating time is pure yum. I use regular whipping cream (a tad) for my cream, sugar free chocolate or vanilla extract, sometimes a little peanut butter ,(I know but I love peanut butter :)) and Stevia. I love my coffee. I drink it very slowly.

This brings me to around 1000-1200 calories, which is fine for somebody my size, and I am starting to get stuffed. I dont like feeling stuffed.

I dont have any more calories for the rest of the day until 12 the next meal time and I am never hungry so I know its enough. I do drink black coffee with calorie free syrup, diet pop at limited times and herbal tea with Stevia. I love peppermeent best.

I throw in veggies and fruit sometimes....dont like either that much but make myself eat some. Not much meat....i i love animals. I will eat meat but usually just on holidays. I do eat animal by products without guilt such as l eggs ,(love eggs). And dairy, yes.

So I started out at a too heavy 138 pounds. This is bigger for somebody only a bit taller than a fifth grader. I am down to 122 which looks good on me and I dont want to be a stick. I read that being too thin when older has health risks like being too frail. The lowest I will let myself get is about 118, but I am fine at this weight.

Intermittant fasting for me has been great. I can have one BIG meal and am not hungry afterward. I think not eating at night is a plus. Jmo though.

Although I am picky about what I eat (a little) there are no restrictions with this diet. Some people go KETO but I dont like to eat a lot of meat. I do eat healthy fats without fear.

I will fit comfortably into my Mother of the Bride dress that I picked out. That was my initial purpose for dieting...I was not that motivated for a while although I didnt like being bigger than I am now.

Just checking in for anyine interested in intermittant fasting. I may add I am pretty active but not a crazed exerciser.

Love and light!!!
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Well swot. That's great for you. (I am pleased. but I am sulking).

Because I am killing myself and not losing. I went to ww. Am eating way less than my points. I am eating mainly vegetables, 9 cups a day. I lost...ta da...1/5 of a pound in a week. I am even doing intermittent fasting eating from 8 to 2. And Pilates 3x a week.

I am accepting that my body will not let me drop the weight. So I raised my goal weight today at ww to what would be 144 (wo clothes)or a 5 lb loss. Will start walking again and aim for 1 hour plus most days. If I could get to 144 it would be at the top of the ideal wt range for my height, 5'6". (I so wanted 139 but what can I do?)

I will not give up, but I am a little concerned about getting too extreme. So far, I do not think I'm putting my health at risk..but I am aware I could.

I am envious though.


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Swot. What's tuna pie?

I was thinking. If we adjust for height we are pretty much the same weight. That makes me feel better.


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Lol Copa.

Its in a box and probably not on the top of the food pyramid. I get it in the freezer section. It has flaky crust, which I love, and inside it has a sort of gravy, probably low level veggies snd tuna or chicken, depending on which one I pick.

Nothing special ;) but I like it a lot.

I lose weight VERY quickly. Please do t go by me. I also gain it fast lol!!!

You are a really good weight for you.

I never try to eat lots of fruits or veggies. First of all, I do t lise weigjt doing it. Secondly, I only like them in eggs or with other better tasting food.

Dont stress over losing weight. I had to. You dont :).


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Oh. Tuna pie is like chicken pot pie. I love that but haven't let myself eat one in a decade. They are like 600 calories!!

Tired out

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COPA!!!! Don't eat less that the allotted points. You will loose more consistently if you use your points! I personally liked it better when we counted chicken and turkey (main meats I eat) eggs, I still count points for my chicken ( 3 oz= 3 pts) egg= 2pts. I think WW came up with the zero point thing to slow peoples weight loss down.
Try 1 week tracking (are you using the ww app?} and using your points.


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Ever since WW went freestyle I dont use it. It worked great for me with Smart Points but I cant use smart points in an app on my phone anymore so its too big a hassell. Yes, I am lazy lol. I dont want to keep checking my old Smart Points book thattI still have. I think Freestyle will change maybe in 2020.

I like choosing what I want to eat anyway. This is the easiest diet I have ever been on. And the tastiest. Smart Points and WW were great too!! But I rather not track. Lazy again :)


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Okay tired. I ate all my points yesterday and today. No. Can't figure out app. Cant even log in online. They gave me an 800 number to call. Not too impressed with that.

Why do you think they wanted to slow down wt loss? Money?

I think it's to encourage healthy food choices, which it does (except I can see people getting discouraged and giving up entirely.). Like you and swot I am eating pretty much the same thing every day, the heart of which is 9 cups non starchy vegetables, a half of can of tuna (water), 1 tablespoon olive oil, half cup of beans, 2 to 3 tablespoons walnuts, 6 oz of Greek yogurt, non-fat, and 1 cup of low-fat milk for my coffee and tea. (I will add a small piece of protein every day.)

I eat between 8 and 2pm pretty much.

I will not give up on this.i will fight to lose the five pounds and then do the six additional weeks to get lifetime. If I can get down five lbs I'll be at the top of the ideal wt range for my height. I'm already well within the healthy bmi for my height. But I know I am too heavy for my size.

Thanks tired.
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I didnt lose weight on freestyle. I found most 0 point foods boring and not enough points for more tasty foods.

I like food. I dont want to be stuck on mostly 0 point foods which are bland to me. I couldnt scarf down big bowls of veggies unless they were in eggs or something else I like. Fruit on oatmeal with Stevia works for me. But even plain fruit isnt tasty to me. I dont want to eat tons of veggies to keep my points down and fill up. Not what I personally want to do.

I like to pick what I eat and dont and I eat pretty healthy but I dont want to be on any restrictive diet. Id rather loosely count calories, have one big filling meal and throw in a pat of butter and a dash of real cream in coffee if I feel like it. I am not a huge meat eater....and I watch fat.....and no processed sugar, but those are MY choices.

So thats my food story. No all protein. No vegan. No deliberately constant unhealthy food on a steady basis either.i am perfectly full on one big meal a day but I want to pick my choices.

We have to have a relationship with food that we are comfortable with or we wont sustain :) i wish you luck in losing a few pounds. You are NOT fat. Older people look very gaunt if they are skin and bones. Dont overdo ;)
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Two things come to mind
1.Is there any chance at all you are dehydrated? Are you drinking a lot of water? I once experimented and found I did much better if I drank a small to moderate amount of water with meals and A lOT of water in between meals. This was based on the theory that a lot of water with a meal might hamper digestion.
2. Have you had your thyroid checked recently?
Wishing you well. Sounds a bit frustrating.

One has to be careful at a certain age...I don't know...probably we are all a bit different. But from observation ,with a relative a few years older and two friends my exact age, being just five pounds underweight can make you look ten years older than your actual age! My two friends look sooo much older. It’s a hard thing to get right. I need to lose close to ten pounds. They need to gain about five. I think they have it much easier. I do t think they realize those last few pounds lost changed their appearance wasn’t worth it if you ask me.
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Nomad, I so agree with you. I was 93 lbs. when I married at twenty and I know I looked great. If I weighed that now I would look.sick. plus you need SOME padding for falling. I didnt just make this up. I read it in several places and my doctor told me..

I think mini skinny little old ladies look very unhealthy.


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Nomad. Hi. Thyroid checked this year. No problem.

Maybe I am dehydrated. I will up my between meals water. I will also go back to walking every day which I stopped. I think I read that I need to drink half my body weight in Oz of water each day. I am nowhere close.

I just ate a piece of cheesecake!

I think I am understanding the wisdom on this thread, finally. I cannot keep depriving myself. I may not continue on ww after this month, after all.
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I try to eat healthy but on special occaissions cheesecake is fine.

I dont limit what I eat due to a special diet or crazy restrictions. I choose myself what to limit because I dont feel they work for MY body. I have gastric reflux (too much information) and to eliminate the yuk that goes with that lovely disorder, I do not eat hardly anything fried or too rich. Like lasagna.

It tastes great going down but not so great when I am trying to sleep and part of it comes up and burns my throat! Same with most heavy sweets so I skip them. And lots of fatty meat bothers me too. I rarely have more than chicken, turkey or fish. Or say lean pork. The fat is bad for my gastric reflux.

I like to feel good and the wrong food can really put a damper on that.

Im not a foodie, one who considers food and eating a fun activity. I love to eat, but am not often hungry for no reason and its easy for me to give up anything I dont think is doing me any good. And I dont like spending a fortune at restaurants.

I am more average than slim but I look good enough for that wedding dress.

I dont want to get scary skinny....eating disorders have hit at least three people in my famil and now they feel it is hereditary. I want nothing to do with skinny or food/exercise obsession. It reminds me of those who had/ have eating disorders in my family. Super skinny looks old on a fifty year old. And it isnt healthy.