Intuitive eating anyone?


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Heh. Come over and we can cook a meal:)

I dont know any vegans. They have a preachy, nasty community on Youtube and I love and am addicted to Youtube. So I have both listened to vegans on YouTube and much maligned ex vegans and read the comments. But in real life I know of no vegans. I think its a great philiosophy if the object is to save animals but many with eating disorders try to go vegan...not sure why. I feel thats probably another way to restrict food and eat too few calories. Lots of stuff about all this on YouTube.

. I wish I could live without eating animals but I know I cant.

I love eggs and my favorite food on earth is Fage plain nonfat Greek Yogurt lol. Yes, I am weird. I eat chicken mostly for meat biut will eat all meat. Fish too. What I tend to leave out are big calorie, not healthy foods like mashed potatoes or french fries or sugar soda or breaded/fried anything. And very few sweets. Not a pasta lover either. I have gastric reflux and heavy foods haunt me later on if I induldge in, say, lasagna. I use Stevia in place of sugar for coffee.

We all eat what is best for us unless we have an eating disorder. Eating disorders run rampant in my DNA and are now being found to be hereditary, but I have never had the desire to starve myself to look like I am dying of a disease. Seen it in my family though. It is a very serious, pervasive and can be a lifelong mental health disorder. The ones in my family are all overexercisors too.Its sad when food and exercise are both on your mind 90 percent of your waking hours, but the people get obsessed with both. Or sosthe eating disordered people on YouTube say. This is another subject I have youtubed to death! I want to understand it.

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But in real life I know of no vegans.

There was a vegan restaurant here for a year or two. I heard there food was good, but the only thing I ever tried was their broccoli "cheese" soup. Nasty!!! I'm sorry, but vegan cheese - is not cheese. Cheese is made with milk. I'm not saying you can't cook without animal products. There are a lot of nice Vegan choices - just not cheese.

Vegans tend to be a bit too extreme for me with the whole, no leather, no animal products of any kind, thing. Vegetarian, fine. I have had an ovo-lacto (Is that right?) vegetarian tell me they just made it a rule not to eat anything that had a face. lol Personally, I feel like nature made us omnivores for a reason and we're at the top of the food chain, so that's that. Probably a side effect of having been raised on a farm. I don't like that some animals are treated cruelly while alive, but that's pretty much where I draw the line. :)

Its sad when food and exercise are both on your mind 90 percent of your waking hours, but the people get obsessed with both.

See, this is my problem. I find that I can only lose weight if I obsess over it. I once lost 100 lbs. I regained 80 after a few years because my brain said, "You're Done!!!" and I stopped obsessing. It took me two years to lose that weight and it was two years of constantly thinking about food. What I ate - how many calories/ fat/ fiber did it have? Did it fit in my meal plan? What I was going to eat next? When was I going to eat next? Did I need a snack before then? How many calories, etc., would that take up? What would I eat this weekend that maybe I needed to save WW points up for, and on and on. It was exhausting! When I hit that 100 I was just SO TIRED of thinking of food. But when I stopped obsessing...the weight started coming back. :(


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Lil I get it,!

I dont want to think about food, just eat, and not worry about ingrediants. I know without thinking about it what food I wont eat and why. Lots is due to gastric reflux. You have lasagna for dinner, its great. But it tastes pretty bad when you are laying down at night and it comes back up in the throat!

I really dont eat much meat due to my love of animals but I do sometimes. And i cant live without dairy. It never had a face lol. I love that! I could go vegetarian but I would cheat. I hate purely vegan food though. Except vegan junk food. Who doesnt like french fries?

Now for dieting. I am eating One Meal A Day (intermittant fasting) which I dedicate to my daughters But I dont count calories and eat a plate of food, maybe 1000 calories. I dont over exercise but do stay active. I dont get hungry. This is a very easy diet. Obviously people normally eat much more than me because most are bigger people.

I am down now close to 14 lbs. I think intermittant fasting is the best way to lose eat at certain times with no restrictions. And I started out eating 10am to 5pm and was not hungry. Im still not. That big meal sticks to your bones

The vegan sites I have gone too tend to almost have a religious ferver to them (kind of spooky) and MANY MANY vegans on YouTube at least had anorexia once, some sound like they still do, and I have to think many vegans have undiagnosed anorexia. ItIIS about food restriction after all and low calorie foods. They seem to want to be very underweight and mostly seem to eat fruits and some veggies....very thin peanut butter on toast is a big treat. Often they then say "And this is what I eat in my Recovery." Um, 500 calories?? Whatever.

Even a shortie like me needs a lot more food than that!
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