Intermittant fasting part three


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Copa I actually heard it doesnt matter when you eat but, hey, everyone with a vlog is different. I eat one meal from 11-1 and make sure I stay close to 1000 calories.

Since I am a midget (seriously, I am a tad over five feet tall ..or is that five feet short???) that amount of calories fill me up well. I do not try to eat less as (here I go with what the vlogs) eating too few calories is not only dangerous but it stops your body from burning fat and you stop losing and is not healthy. At least I read it and it did make sense to me. I am not trying to weigh 100 lbs. I think skinny is ugly. I just want to maintain and also stay healthy. If I lise maybe five more pounds that is okay but no more.

So this is just the way I do it. It is working well for me but our bodies all work differently. I think if we feel sick, we need to stop dieting and see our doctors. I would never do it if I didnt feel well.

Copa make sure please...please that you get enough food for your height and build!
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too few calories is not only dangerous but it stops your body from burning fat and you stop losing and is not healthy.
This is true. But the thing is when you get older, there is no other way. When I did Keto or IF I ate less than 1000 calories typically, sometimes, less than 500.
I actually heard it doesnt matter when you eat
There is research I found, SWOT. How you eat is perfect in terms of time. I can't seem to do it with one meal a day. I get hungry and I have not been able to push through.

I want only to lose 10 pounds. But it is a struggle to even maintain my weight at 149. I eat very little. M is concerned. Honestly, I have to do IF just to keep my weight down to 149-150.

I go back and forth about what to do. Part of me feels like I should stop trying to diet and just exercise and let the weight come off as it will (this is what has happened to me before.) If I walk and dance a lot, my appetite decreases naturally, and I lose about .75 lb a week, from the exercise, and I go down to what my baseline is which is between 127 and 133. So. This is what I think would be the healthiest, both physically and mentally. To stop stressing about weight loss.

But then the other part of me thinks I should bite the bullet (so to speak) and lose the 10 pounds, through some program like weight watchers with intermittent fasting.

But so far all I seem to be doing is trying to stay where I am and not gain weight.


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Get Smile Direct or Invisalign teeth aligners and the weight just falls off lol. I've been wearing them for six months and have lost over 15 lbs. You have to take them off while eating, and then floss and brush afterwards to put them back in. You really have to decide whether the food is worth the hassle. Otherwise I'm my late fifties it's too late to hard to lose the weight.

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I am 5'2" I would like to be 128. I can't stay there, it is a fight. I am ok at 130, my body WANTS to be 134. I will win the battle. I was 100 when I was in collage..those were the days , funny how 100 wasn't skinny at 19 but if I was there now I would probably look ill.
WW is my friend. I like the interaction with the other people and the creative ways they alter recipes to lower sugar calories.
SWOT--your daughter's wedding is a great reason to want to look your best. I enjoy seeing pictures of us at my daughter's wedding. My daughter picked out my MOB dress--she said yes to my dress and cute. NOT typical MOB light pink with lots of tulle!


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TiredOut, thats so funny. My daughter picked my dress too! I could tell she wanted me to pick the one I did. I had like ten dresses out but I know her so well...I could see the longing in her eyes and she kept telling me how good it looked. She was so excited lol. She isnt a crier. I am. I cried!

I am also laughing at how weigh changes as you age. If I weighed 93 as I was at MY wedding I would definitely look sick. It looked good then but would not look good now! I need to knock off maybe five pounds but thats it. I look pretty good now. Its a good weight :)


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Hi swot. Hi tired. I want to ask tired if she thinks I should stop trying to diet and let the weight come off naturally if it will thru exercise. I am 5'6" and 149ish.this is huge plateau. 147 to 148 is a historical weight but I prefer 130 as that is more consistent with my frame. I would be happy with 139 which would be a 10 lb loss.

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I want to ask tired if she thinks I should stop trying to diet
Copa, why don't you just relax. try and enjoy the holidays and then January will be a special for WW, there always is. Get the new program with the points. install the app and follow it for a month. I bet 5-6 pounds fall off the 1st month just by following the points. Then quit paying unless you want lifetime membership, you have to stay in goal for 6 weeks for lifetime and then you just have to go 1x/month stay within 2 lbs of goal and you get the app for free. I love the app, it makes it so easy to track points. I generally look up points for foods that I don't know before I eat them. Sometimes seeing the # of points deters me for eating them and I make a better choice. I have been at goal or below since June 2011.
I have decide to rally good and count my points for the next 2 weeks then take the week from Christmas to New Year off.
if you are wondering my typical food for the day will look like this for the next 2 weeks:
Breakfast 8am: 1/2 cup grapes, 1 hard boiled egg, 1-2 oz turkey breast, Coffee with sugar free coffee mate sweet Italian cream and shot of sugar free vanilla or 2 drops peppermint extract.
10:30 apple, crystal light lemonade
12:30: orange, Josephs bread with 1-2 oz turkey breast, 1/8 cup shredded sharp cheese, chopped tomato, lettuce, 1 TBS yogurt ranch dressing .
5pm: Large salad, mixed greens, tomato, split grapes, 1/8c shredded cheese, 4 Texas toast croutons, 1 Tbs chopped almonds, 3 oz grilled chicken breast. Olive garden reduced calorie dressing.
The rest of the evening water, and I may have another glass of crystal light.
This might be more info than you want ..BUT...that is how I dropped the weight and I had enough protein in there to not be hungry.
Grilled/broiled chicken, fish are zero points
Fruit, veggies are ZERO points.