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    so my just turned 4 yr old has had sensory for awhile. Today, my baby who is 2, was interviewed for some programs. Turns out he has it worst than she.. I am ready to cry. So anybody else have 2 kids with the same problem. One is under sensitive the other over sensitive. I have a 7 yr old whom is fine. also does anybody know the difference between sensory and aspergers?
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    Hi there and welcome to the board. I'm not sure what you mean by sensory. And what do you mean by under sensitive? If they have sensory integration issues, they do not usually stand alone. I'm not sure why you asked about Aspergers. What symptoms do you see? Who diagnosed them?
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    Hello Dani3,

    If I understand you correctly, you have 2 children who've been diagnosed with some form of Sensory Integration Disorder, one who is hyper-sensitive (over), and the other who is hypo-sensitive (under). Does that about cover it?

    Everyone in my family except husband and difficult child 2 has some level of Sensory Integration issues,, so you're definitely not alone. Although my 2 youngest are way too young for any sort of formal diagnosis, the early signs are there. There are therapies that can help with it. Have you consulted with an Occupational Therapist (Occupational Therapist (OT))? They can often teach you techniques that can help.

    As for the difference between Sensory Integration Disorder and Aspergers Syndrome, they are separate conditions. People with Aspergers often have sensory issues, but they don't always go hand-in-hand.
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    my four yr old has Sensory Integration Disorder (SID). the other one the baby (my 2 yr old) the doctor and therapist say has signs of sensory but over sensory, but they want him seen my a psychiatric, when i was at visit telling doctor about my concerns and behaviors i see odd. doctor was watching my child and said he thinks he might have aspergers or something in the autism spectrum. so i wanted to know if anyone had signs of aspergers in their two yr old? maybe what where they? i am just new to all this and i like to have information. and not only that but to now i am not the only one. i run into people with asperger and they all didn't see signs until much later. so i am a little confused. anyone have any suggestions?
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    Hey Dani! Mine were all "suspected aspies" by the age of 3. The boys were before 2 and difficult child 3 was by the age of 3.

    Basically, Aspergers is on the Autistic Spectrum. Many kids on that spectrum have sensory integration issues.

    The way I explain Aspergers and kids on the spectrum is to think of an ice cream sundae.

    You might like vanilla ice cream with caramel, pineapple, whipped cream and a cherry. I might like mine with mint chocolate chip ice cream, hot fudge, sprinkles and a cherry.

    In this scenario all of the sundaes come with nuts, 'cause that's what they drive you!

    Any diagnosis on the spectrum with have a smattering of this and a taste of that. Every kid is different. Don't drive yourself crazy - our kids do that for us!

    Keep posting, ask a lot of questions and allow us to comfort you!
    You'll meet a lot of excellent people here that have a vast amount of experience!

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    lol thanks, i have my middle child on intuniv. its the miracle drug. i hated the thought of putting her on medications but after a few yrs, i just couldnt take it anymore. plus my daughter would tell me "mommy, i want to sit and watch tv, i want to be good but i cant'. that broke my heart. so i tried something with the least amount of side effects first, glad i did... what is difficult child, daughter, ds? you guys are great.
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    There are a bunch of acronyms that we use (not too many!). Some are quite frequent like difficult child (Gift From God) that's the child/children that brought you here - mainly because that's what they think they are, daughter is dear daughter and ds is dear son. You can find a list on the FAQ/Board Help Forum (I think it's like the 4th thread down).

    Talk to you soon!