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    Today my oldest turns 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It was such an intense day when he was born. I was so thrilled, anxious, eager AND hesitant, scared and happier than I had ever been before. There were a few really funny moments, and the entire process was the most amazing experience of my life. So far the only days that have equaled that day are when Jessie and thank you were born!

    One nurse started to check my progress not realizing that my dad was in the restroom and the look on his face was funny to me - he SOOOOOOO did not want to see that and since she was just preparing, he was able to escape!

    Probably the funniest and most prophetic event of the day was when my mother in law walked in and I started suddenly vomiting - literally the second I saw her face. I was mortified and apologized several times. Given her reluctance to have us (husband included, which angers me because it hurts him) just seems like and odd/ironic event, Know what I mean??

    I am so proud of the way he has turned himself around. We had some incredibly bad times, but when he was little, up until about the time he started school, we had such a special bond. For years we did the grocery shopping together. We did yard sales and it was always cute and funny to see him bargaining to get his toy for the amt of money that he wanted to spend it on. No one was prepared for a 2 or 3 yo to walk up to them and offer less for the item than it was marked, or to have a group of items and offer one price for all of them AND to have that price be lower than the combines total AND to be correct about what the total of the marked price was. We did a little helping to add up the prices, but by age 3 he was not needing much help.

    He was such a dinosaur nut, and for years he read everything he could get his hands on. By age four he was reading a college textbook on them. That was the year we went to a museum (NOT a children's museum!) and he insisted on speaking to someone in charge. NOT the person who first came to talk to us, but a boss. Why? The info they posted on an exhibit was wrong. Not just wrong details, wrong type of dinosaur. The boss came because how often do you get called by a 4yo to talk about the accuracy of an exhibit that was put together by PhD;\'s??? This man was astounded. Not because a 4yo insisted on talking to him, though that was interesting to him. He was astounded by Wiz was correct! They had he wrong dino and had him in the wrong age. The age was wrong for the dinosaur they thought they had AND for the one they really had.

    That was the same year that the museum got a replica of the head of Sue, one of the best T rex skulls ever found. The paleontologist who led the team that found Sue gave a two hour talk and Wiz was riveted the entire time. Wiz asked several questions at the end and the man told us he wished his college students asked such interesting and well thought out questions. And Wiz was FOUR!

    Now he is in college with top grades, has held a job at a local business since age 16 or so, and in many ways is a delightful young man. He shows no signs so far of sub abuse (not that we are aware anyway) and given his dislike of drugs, we hope he will handle the freedoms that being 21 brings.

    Thank you to everyone here for helping me learn how to best help my child and for supporting me and giving me the strength that husband and I needed to do what Wiz needed from us,up to and including letting him go far earlier than we ever wanted to. Because of what you have taught me and shared with me, my baby is a strong, healthy, law abiding citizen and is working toward his college degree. We couldn't have done this, and done it with-o any criminal record, without you,

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    OMG Susie, you can't be old enough to have a 21-y/o son - no way! I'm not! :bigsmile:

    I'm proud of him, too - but I am also proud of YOU!!!

    Way To Go Susie and Wiz!!! (And husband, Jessie and thank you too, LOL!)
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    Congratulations! That's a great milestone for both of you!
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    That's so wonderful. Your story has helped me so many times and Wiz has sure come a long way. I can't remember if you ever said he was an Aspie. That early childhood stuff sure sounded classic Aspie, lol. I don't remember what you said he has had for a diagnosis in the past (or current ) but just goes to show our kids are not their diagnosis. They are amazing people with dreams, talents and gifts to share with the world.

    I hope he doesn't get into the college party scene. He doesn't need that complication in life.

    You were such a loving parent that you were willing to sacrifice your relationship (to a degree ) to allow him to reach his potential. Makes you a hero in my book.
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  6. What a beautiful post! Happy birthday to Wiz!! And Congrats to you for helping him get to where he is right now!
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    He most definitely is an Aspie. We got the diagnosis from the first psychiatrist we saw and it fit perfectly.
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    Happy birthday!! I hope he has a wonderful birthday!
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    Happy Birthday and congrats!
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    Time sure does fly by. Congrats and Happy Birthday Wiz!
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    Happy Birthday Wiz!
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    Happy 21st Wiz!!
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    WOW! 21! That time has flown by. Amazing.
    Congratulations to all of you. Wonderful memories, too.
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    Happy 21st to Wiz! Susie.....I'm with you....another difficult child that's about to turn 21 very shortly (in about a week and a half) though for Wiz and you I'm very happy you have success. We're still working on it. It has been a very long road. It is amazing how long we've been here. Seems almost like yesterday doesn't it? I've been here since 1996ish. I don't know where life would have been with out this place.

    I hope Wiz has a very long and successful life ahead of him and you.....enjoy these times with him! :)
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    Sooty I just saw this post...Happy Birthday Wiz! I hope it was a wonderful day and Suz you are a great mom.