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    How did the stress test go?
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    Hey there Heather. Thanks for thinking of me! It was longer than expected.....4 & 1/2 hours...whew. Anyway, it started out rocky. They put the IV in, shot the juice in me & all the sudden I thought I was gonna puke...I couldn't see & almost passed out. VERY weird. They took my BiPolar (BP) right away.....90/60 & dropping. Not too sure what that was all about. I perked up after about 10 minutes...BiPolar (BP) started to rise. The only thing they really told me was that the treadmill portion looked really good, but they expected that because I'm a runner. All the xray/picture portions were to be read yesterday afternoon. If anything was abnormal, the doctor would decide whether to call me directly or go through my family doctor (depending on the reason I guess). Anyway, I haven't heard anything. Good sign I hope!?!? Only problem....I haven't ran in 2 weeks. My symptoms have been very mild the past 2 weeks. I got off the treadmill yesterday there & within minutes, my syptoms started up. STRANGE!

    BUT....as I told the wonderful staff there yesterday....even with the close pass out moment. It was one of the most relaxing 4 & 1/2 hours I've had in a LONG time....no kids, no dogs, no nothing....me myself & a bunch of strangers quietly managing our stress! LOL!
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    Oh....I got a kick out of having to carry around this card they gave me. Clearing me for 48 hours because I'm putting off radiation....still laughing over that one! LOL!

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    Are you glowing?

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    Listen here Toxic Tammy - you better take care of yourself. I'm sorry to hear that junk makes you sick. Me too, I'm allergic to contrast and got violently ill the last time I had the glow in the dark bug juice.

    I hope they find out that this is nothing major - and that you can just get back in the feeling well game.

    Hugs -
    and what was it you wanted me for? Hmmmm?

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    You guys are the best!!!!!

    Thanks for my daily dose of giggles!!!!! ;)
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    Geez...4 1/2 hours would stress me out!!

    Hope everything comes out ok.