504 meeting tomorrow, help!!!


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I thought that I was well versed on my rights, but I would appreciate any tips or input at the 11th hour as Seb's 504 meeting is tomorrow! I am very nervous.

My issue is this: I have been pushing the school to either provide or subsidise a FULL battery of tests because I am concerned that he has visual motor integration and he isn't receiving the appropriate services for it.

The school says that the tests are not necessary because Seb scored in the upper 98th % in a short form IQ test they provided. In kindergarten though, Seb scored in the 1st % in a visual motor integration test.

My argument is that we need to see all the subtests in a full bettery to understand where Seb needs support and how he learns. The school says this is not necssary and that he is not Learning Disability (LD). How can they say that without the right tests??? I feel that he COULD be Learning Disability (LD) despite the high IQ score-- scratch that, I feel that he IS Learning Disability (LD) and needs not only a 504. I have been saying that he has visual motor integration disorder and nobody is listening.

Seb's 504 is not guarenteed -- it will be determined tomorrow. The school doesn't want to give him any further tests. isn't it within my rights to have him tested where *I* feel it is indicated?

I'm fuming mad. All along I've been the nice, not too pushy mom but I'm done with that. But before I start making a fuss I want to know exactly what my rights are.

Any ideas, support or advice from veterans of 504 meetings will be greatly appreciated!!!!


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Sheila</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Did you request the testing in writing via certified mail? </div></div>

Hmmm. I requested the testing in writing, but not by certified mail. Is this important??


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If you've made your request only through his school and have been denied, it never hurts to resend the request and reason for the requent (in writing, certified as Sheila specified) only this time also cc to the director of special education. Sometimes the principal and/or team is making decisions that their directors would not condone and when this occurs the duplicate letter can clear things up in a hurry.

This of course doesn't guarantee results but sometimes it's an easy fix to a brick wall.


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I was wondering how your 504 meeting went? Did your son get a 504?

Now, I'm not trying to be the devil's advocate, but just because he scored low on a VMI test does not mean automatic services are required by law. There has to be documentation of adverse impact in his educational environments which requires specialized instruction before an IEP can be written. As a first grader (at 7 I'm making that assumption) it can be very difficult to document adverse impact academically since students that age have minimal school experience. The way students qualify for Learning Disability (LD) is a significant (statistically speaking) discrepancy between what they should be able to do (their IQ) and what they can produce or perform (academic tests or grades). And the academic tests available for K and 1st graders are notorious for being statistically screwy because of the students' short length of time in an academic environment.

If he tested that low, it sounds as though he should be showing that he's struggling as a result...