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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Dec 18, 2008.

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    Last night I took difficult child to his psychiatrist appointment. On the way he was a royal pain. When we got there I bought him a bag of fritos (he really was hungry it was late afternoon so despite his crabby mood he got the fritos). On the ride up the elevator a change took place. His mood turned actually pleasant.

    Usually in the waiting room he won't even speak with me. He was silly and conversational there and although a pain at times in the psychiatrist's office it was as good a mood that I've seen him in for ages.

    On the way out he asked for some candy at the reception desk. I told him I knew he would do that which is why I only let him have one lollipop from the psychiatrist. He looked at me and said-"You know me like a book"!

    Then we got stuck in a major traffic jam on the way home. All I could think was oh no-first I was tired and difficult child doesn't do well in traffic jams. Well did he ever surprise me. He pulled out a book and asked me to listen to him read. It was Frog and Toad (he is basically a non reader) and he struggled with so many words but he hung in there which for him is progress.

    Then when I couldn't concentrate anymore (he kept asking for help) he was fine with me turning on the Christmas music. He remained conversational and pleasant.

    When we got home he went into his usual difficult child mood but later when he was tucked in on the couch (his preference of places to sleep) I told him I loved him and he actually looked at me and told me he loved me (words I don't hear often from difficult child-so even though he told me he hated me at least 5 times yesterday I'll take the one I love you)

    It was so nice to see this side of difficult child last night especially since the season has him so wound up.

    Also I have to share something from this weekend. He broke one of our Christmas glasses while husband and I were napping. He came up told us that he had been spinning and accidently knocked it over. About fifteen minutes later we were downstairs and he kept repeating-tell the truth, just tell the truth, tell the truth. husband asked him what really happened and he said he had been throwing his football even though we asked him not to. I was very proud of him for his honesty! Maybe some maturing?

    Maybe, Maybe not. He told the truth about something else the other day and said he shouldn't get a consequence because he told the truth. I told him nope he would get less of one this time but still needed one. I had to laugh that he thought he would get away with it.

    Oops-this got longer than I meant-just wanted to share some positives about difficult child!
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    Sharon that's really cool, thanks for sharing that and it wasn't long!! LOL

    It's so nice when they surprise you with pleasant behavior, isn't it??? Ah enjoy it!! And the football thing and owning up is also huge. Maturing yea i'd def say so!!
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    What a breath of fresh air! Fritos sound really good now.

    Thanks for sharing that, I really enjoyed reading it.
  4. Big Bad Kitty

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    Aww! I'd take that one "I love you" too! Good for him for talking himself into doing the right thing!
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    What a great sparkle of hope. Keep feeding that and enjoy it as long as it lasts. The seeds you planted are trying to sprout.
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    Thanks everyone! It truly was a special night with him! I hope today goes as well since we have a snow day and will be home together all day! We are seeing glimmers of hope with him. I had e-mailed his case manager at school the other day to see how things were going before his psychiatrist appointment.

    She responded that he has had slight behavior problems occurring about once a week or less (yes once a week or less-I couldn't believe this). She said it is mostly grumblings, putdowns, etc... and that he always accepts and follows through on his consequences. She feels it is more age related than anything. We aren't seeing this at home but it is huge that he is doing this at school!