A comparison for us, look at the difference: Skepticism vs. Rejection

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    Now, before you watch, keep in mind - this is a pro-skeptic anti-believer video. If you are Christian, you may well be offended by some of what is said. Or you may not.

    But, there is some really remarkable information in here regarding Rejection that I think applies to our kids, and may well help us when we are faced with the need to embrace Detachment, when our sanity or sense of balance is at stake. That is the spirit in which I want to share this.
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    Hmm. It was a bit confusing, then it made sense, then it took off in another direction. But I can see why you chose it. I found several other articles, but couldn't exactly match your intent ... one was a scientific paper on rejection and the amygdala, another was written for adults who experience rejection (although your video starts from the premise).
    Anyway, yes, ego is involved, and kids have to be taught that they can separate their egos from (parental) rejection as long as parents consistently show and state that they dislike the action, not the child.