Great video...Don't let ANYONE tell you how to feel (including adult kids, etc.)

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    Honestly, this is about how your parents taught you not to believe your own feelings or that your feelings are invalid. However, I listened and found it helped me think of anyone who may try to invalidate how I feel. That my experience is not real. I believe this would include our adult children. Anyone who tries to say we are lying or who gaslights us, etc. I especially like Lisa Romano because she is spiritual (not religious though) and hope this helps one person today. Oh, yeah. I especially like that sh e reminds us all (me) not to invalidate how others feel about the same situations too! Their feelings are valid too. Just a great video to center me this morning and hopefully you! Love videos that help me gain clarity during a toughish time for me and to maybe share this to help others!!!

    Dysfunctional Family--How Parents Brainwash Their Children for Dysfunction
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    great video. thank you for sharing.
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    Thank you. This really says it all.
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    Thanks for sharing!