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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Sep 25, 2012.

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    Last night difficult child told me that he wanted to make himself eggs for breakfast this morning and asked if that was okay. I told him it was, as long as he cleaned up his mess when he was done.

    difficult child got up this morning to shower. Then he layed down in bed for a little while and play on this computer game that he likes. When I got up I asked him if he made himself breakfast and he said that he didn't because he got up late and had to shower. (Never mind that if he hadn't playhed computer games for an hour he would have had plenty of time for eggs, but he made a choice. It's not the one that I would have made, but he made it). Then he trolling around the kitchen looking for something to eat. He spots a box of Devil Dogs on the counter and asks me if he can have one for breakfast. I tell him no. He gets angry (but not raging) and pushes the issue. I still tell him no. He tells me that he wants to hear what easy child thinks: are Devil Dogs a good breakfast food? (I hate when he does that because I think that it puts easy child in a really bad spot. He has to chose between me and his brother, who he LOVES). easy child, wisely, says nothing. Just keeps munching on his toast. difficult child says that it's not fair because I let him have doughnuts for breakfast and why can't he have Devil Dogs. I tell him no again and suggest that he have some dry cereal (he doesn't like to eat cereal with milk) because I just bought some new boxes. He tells me to just forget it. He's done arguing with me about breakfast.

    With that he picked up his backpack, kissed me good-bye, and left for the bus stop.

    I was standing there thinking, Ummmm...no tantrum? No rage about how I'm the worst mother to ever walk the face of the earth? No name calling me every name in the book? Hmmmmm...progress.

    husband thinks that he knew that the answer was going to be no, but he asked because he wanted to see what I would say about it.
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    Yup and it "might" keep getting better. He might have been testing you but it might also be that he was asking for real but actually processed your answer and accepted it.....which IS the goal right? Glad it was a relatively stressless morning. May you have MANY more days like that!!