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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Shari, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Shari

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    Sitting in the lounge chair beside the hotel pool today. Reading "House Rules" (irrelevant fact; good book). Wee swimming.

    Three other boys and their dad in the pool. All have water guns. Having a ball. One boy meanders away, attention caught by something else.

    Wee says to him, "Aren't you going to play with me?"

    I don't hear the boy's response, but it is apparently a no, because the next thing I hear Wee say is, "Oh, cause I don't have anyone to play with. I'm new here."

    Sometimes, he just makes me laugh.
  2. Marguerite

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    Shari, sounds like Wee's reaction to going away from home is similar to difficult child 3's - at some level, he believes he has permanently left his old nome and is somehow in transit. Once we realised this was what was happening with difficult child 3, we began to understand why he could get so anxious if the family members explored in different directions while on holiday; he was scared he might never see the person again, just as he was convinced we would never be going back home again.

    Once we worked out this was happening, we were able to work with him and say, "Two more days and you will be back home in your old bed with your old toys, plus the new one we bought today for you." And when we got back home we reminded him we had spoken the truth, we had arrived back home as we had promised.

    difficult child 3 is now a much more relaxed traveller.

  3. susiestar

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    Wee is a cutie. Does he realize that no one lives in hotels, that the people who stay in them are often many miles/hours away from their homes? That EVERYONE is "new" at a hotel?

    Whether he does or doesn't, that is a pretty good way to break the ice and make a new friend in an unfamiliar place. A good use of social skills, isn't it?
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    How cute!!!
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    Very cute. :)