A funny one at the psychiatrist the other day

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    So, psychiatrist hadn't heard about difficult child's little problem with-the drug test at the PO ofc. They talked about that, and then in general about his behavior, talked about some word I've never heard before and can't remember now, something about a bong and spice and inhaling 2 or 3 times in a row (this was a yr ago). psychiatrist said we are increasing the Depakote to two pills at night ... and then difficult child told psychiatrist that he doesn't like Depakote because the pills are so big so he doesn't think he can do it. Nope. He's not going to do it.

    psychiatrist started to laugh and said, "difficult child, you crack me up. You can open up your mouth and swallow a HUGE amt of that stuff, totally fill your lungs (he acts out a big chest getting bigger with-inhalation) but you can't swallow a pill. You crack me up!" And then he added, "Teenagers. Arrgh!" and put his hands together like he was strangling someone.

    Even difficult child had to laugh at that one.
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    I like that therapist.
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    Good guy! Why not give multiple lower mg. capsules or pills?
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    Reminds me of when my difficult child was doing all kinds of drugs, sharing blunts, bongs, meth pipes, polluting his body and mind with all manner of drugs, BUT...he was strictly VEGAN!

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    Lol! I love rationalizations.:twister2: