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I know it is just one day, but it has been such a long time since difficult child has had a good day I had to share. Seems as if whenever I feel I am defeated and cannot fight with / for him anymore he "refuels" me. We had a good weekend. Last week he was removed from class every single day. Some days for most of the day, some for an hour or two and Friday was ISS.
difficult child had a good day on Tuesday. He won three prizes in Science. (3 bottles of Mountain Dew!!) They did a "quiz bowl" in their class. He actually had to write..and he did. He finished each part of the quiz first and correct. Then was given the chance to explain HOW he came to the conclusion. That was good, since he usually comes to his conclusions differently than others.
He came home happy :smile:
He had a baseball game, did very well. One big hit, a ground out and a strike out. Handled it all well, no anger at all.
(they won...that always helps) Was a late game and didn't end until after 10PM. He came home went right in to do his homework without being told. It is very warm here and the house was hot. He was still awake, in bed but awake when I left for work at 11. I am afraid that on Wednesday he may be very tired, which doesn't always go good at school.
Seeing him do so well, and be so happy, just gave me the energy to keep fighting for him. Spoke to SW about seeing his IEP from the meeting last week (didn't see it yet.) Asked about seeing the test results. (didn't physically see that either). I was told I am not required to sign IEP. That prompted me to write a letter to Special Education. director at SD. She told me laws have changed and I am not required to sign IEP, AND I(We) do not have the authority to pull him out if we felt we no longer wanted spec. ed. services. That was the very reason we refused Special Education for so long. We were told we could pull him out at any time.
I am awaiting the copy if IEP, since they only took notes in a notebook at the time. I have a feeling I will not agree. Don't know if I can do anything about it.
I was ready to just give up and let this year end, but difficult child gave me energy to fight and get it all straightened out for next year.
I feel such relief when he has a good day.
Thanks to all your advice I have learned to take one day at a time and enjoy the good days.


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If the school is telling you that you do not have to sign the IEP in order to implement it, they are lieing to you!!!!!!!!!!

You must sign and agree to the new IEP and it is your right to see the test results.

I would call up there today and tell them "My understanding of that law is that the new IEP cannot be implemented without my signature but you are telling me that the law has changed, I would like to see those new regulations please. Additionally, I would like to see my son's testing results in a written report."

DO NOT let this school give you the run around. You may follow up your conversation with a certified letter if you want to create the paper trail.



I have read, and re-read the laws. I contacted the Special Education Director at the District Office. I was told that my signature is only required on the inititial placement..Done over a year ago. I was told according to IDEA and Department of Public Instruction - my signature is not required.

So..they can do what ever they want with my child. I cannot even remove him from the program if I would want to. (in case a miracle happens..he matures..what ever)

In all the reading I have done I cannot find anywhere that states parental consent is needed on the IEP. Only the FIRST IEP. I feel helpless in this situation.

Also did have a chance to review his referrals. He has a ton of them. I was told they only tell the parents or send a copy in the mail if it is ISS or OSS. difficult child only has the opportunity to state his comments on the suspension referrals. All other referrals in his folder has no place for difficult child's comments and I am not made aware of the other referrals. At those times difficult child is removed from class and put in the office, or another room anywhere from 1 hour to the entire day.


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Just wanted to say congrat's on your good weekend and good day. That is awesome!!! Good for difficult child. Isn't life sweet when our difficult child's are happy? :smile:

Good luck with the school.


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Yeah! I'm glad you guys had a good weekend. It makes the following days a little easier to bear.

Good luck with the school. I am hoping for an IEP this year, and you guys are all dishing out good advice for handling them.


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So glad to hear difficult child had a good day yesterday! Those good days keep us going, I believe! I think the universe throws them in there for a reason. :wink:

I don't really know anything about IEP's. We're just now getting into them and so far our SD has been wonderful, so we've had no need to "fight" or look deeper into our rights. I wish I had some advice for you.