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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DS3, Oct 6, 2011.

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    I found this to be very inspirational. Even found myself in tears by the end. Pass it along to end the use of the r-word! (http://r-word.org/)

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    That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing. :)
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    I can't see my screen....... OK, Thanks for that. I actually just sent a private message to my niece (age 15) on her FB page because she said something about someone being retarded. I asked her to be careful and to remember that her own cousin is delayed and people call him that all the time. He has asked me about it so much. He doesn't technically fall in that range, but he functions so much lower than his age that people say that to him. He is not one of those quiet kids who smile and are cute in Special Education. He is loud and makes his issues known to many. it is very hard on him and I know she didn't say it to him but I asked her to think about it and just try to not use the r-word.
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    If you go to the r-word.org site, they have another 30 second video there that basically says that using the r-word is just a derogatory as calling an African american the n-word. I would have to agree. I wish I could email this to my brother because he use to refer to himself as the r-word while we were growing up. Since he's sitting in jail, I can't send it to him just yet. I hope he gets as much out of it as I did. I've never liked the word to begin with. I'm glad they're trying do make it known that it is not ok to use anymore.
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    Ya know, I've never been fond of the r-word, and have never used it in reference to anyone with any kind of disability or handicap. I HAVE however used it to describe bullies, because in my opinion bullies personify every negative connotation of the r-word. I know this doesn't make it right, but it is how I perceive this word.
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    I found the film clip very moving. Some of it been there done that with AS difficult child#2. My heart breaks for all the difficult child's who desperately want "a friend". Selfishly I am glad that those years are behind me. I wish that Mommy and all the other Mommies who are trying so hard to get through each day, an occasional day of peace. DDD
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    me too. if you have a moment check the thread with the link to the video I posted too. I can't remember how I labeled it, under watercooler, my name as started the thread: buddy So touching (MHO)
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    Awesome video. in my opinion it makes a bigger impact because the girl doesn't speak.

    It is a word I hate to use with people. I remember people using to describe the girl who lived across the street from us when I was young. If she had gotten interventions, I think she could have lived a relatively independent life. she didn't, and from about age 16 started working as a dishwasher in a dept store cafe. Within a year she was usually making the family house payment because her dad got laid off and couldn't find work. Her salary went to her parents, to run the house. when her bro's finally got jobs (well after age 16), they never paid rent or any bills. Their money went to alcohol, clothes, gambling and cars. She supported them with-o ever feeling that they owed her or begrudging a penny to them or her parents. Even into her late 40's, when we lost touch, she still paid the bills. She literally bought their home by paying all but one year of the mortgage. For all their "normalness" and "higher abilities", neither of her brothers was half the person she was. They may have been "normal", but in my opinion they were the retarded ones. At least emotionally.
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    That's the one situation I've used it for, too... until I realized that some of these people really are handicapped in a different way. We don't know what kind of home they came from or the ways in which their development was "retarded" (in the technical sense of the word). It doesn't make what these people do or say acceptable... but... I'm working really hard now to just not label.