A Return To Love

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    Well, you all know I am a sucker for anything Oprah. While I think Eckhardt Tolle has some good things to say, his "one world" envisionments smack of fanaticism and so, I stopped tuning in to those along about week two. But this morning, I called up Oprah's Spirit whatever, and found this:

    "The power of decision is my own. This day, I will accept myself as my Father's Will created me to be."

    This is Marianne Williamson.

    She also did a five piece thing on life lessons and watching our dogs (or our cats or whatever) which was calming and so positive that I decided to post these things here for all of us to savor.

    Or at least, taste and spit out!

    Anyway, I liked what I found on Oprah this morning so much that I think I will be reading more of Marianne Williamson, beginning with the one mentioned on the Oprah site this morning.

    A Return To Love: Reflections From A Course In Miracles.

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    I recall reading that a year or so and it was great!
    I am now trying to find it in my library...and am glad to read that you enjoyed it. Also appreciate you mentioning it.
    I recall thinking that it really opened my mind...something that gives me great joy. LOL!
    I kinda liked the Tolle book...I think I read it too fast to get what I needed to get out of it. I do recall not agreeing on everything I read. However, I saw where it could be helpful for myself and many others.

    by the way, I sense Oprah really needs some sort of counseling or something of late. The other day Gayle wanted Oprah to thank someone who helped Gayle out (with a project for Oprah's show) by giving this woman her autograph and oprah responded on air saying "You mentioned her name on the air...that's thanks enough." She said this with such a mean spirit. It is little things like this...that just don't sit well with me. No one is perfect, but usually a person can put up a front for an hour while they are on camera.
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    I agree.

    And that kind of arrogance is the same feeling I got during that first week of her presentation with Eckhardt Tolle ~ and even, with the final chapters of The Power of Now.

    In fact, it soured me on Oprah altogether for awhile, there.

    And I never did read his second book for that very reason.

    The first one, The Power of Now, was about how we can understand the effects our egos are having on our lives. The second book, and the weekly presentations based on it, have little to recommend them, from what I can see.

    I did get one book by Marianne Williamson yesterday. It is about how to view, and live, the afternoons of our lives when the values that informed the morning are so different.

    So maybe that will be a good one for me.