a vent re veterans benefits & soc sec


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Well, my oldest was approved for social security as being disabled before age 18, but today I got a rejection letter from Veterans Affairs, saying she cannot get their compensation becuz while soc sec found her disabled, the VA didn't. :-(
We were hoping to get the VA benefits becuz their insurance is more readily accepted than Medicaide is around here, and if found disabled thru VA, she could also access healthcare thru the VA hospitals. - and she would have coverage no matter what state she is in. Soc sec considered her to continue to be our dependant but VA did not.

Pam R

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Can you appeal this?

I was under the impression if SSI made a disability determination, pretty much it was accepted. Good to know the VA may not agree, as we may some day need to turn in that direction.

Must have been an awful let down to hear this. :rolleyes:

Pam R.


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VA and SSI have nothing to do with each other. The disability determination systems are completely seperate from each other. In fact, VA disability does not count towards taxable income at all.


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Yes, I plan to appeal. Going north, it is not ssi, but rather her continuing on as a dependant who was disabled prior to age 18 and continuing on as a dependant via her fathers soc sec disability (not ssi) with me as her guardian and rep payee. VA also sends a stipend towards dependants care if the disabled military person is recieiving disability thru VA....