A very good Friday morning to you all....

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It seems to have been a long week here in tweedle land. kt has & is excited to have her new cell phone. It's going to be a long month with-o talk time if she doesn't catch on to the "budgeting" of her minutes. She can always earn allowance the help the program...it will be interesting to see how she "talks" her way out of more minutes.

I spent yesterday on the phone & found shelter & other supports if I need to head down to Mayo Clinic. This isn't the kind of thing you can put together quickly & I've been working on this since doctor's mentioned a Mayo trip at the beginning of the week.

I plan on getting a menu together for next week & groceries ordered for Monday delivery. Then onto the patio to finish a book.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm.


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G'day, Linda. I'm glad kt seems to be doing OK. The mobile phone is a good idea - it really reduced difficult child 3's anxiety, when we set his up. Not sure how your systems work - we have difficult child 3 on a pre-paid system, so he only has the phone credits that have been paid for. As the kids have got older, they then take over responsibility for their own phone bills and switch to the contract system ($X per month including some call time, plus so many cents per call).

It's been very cold, overcast and windy here today - the wind has been whistling round the house all day, when I ventured out to the letterbox, the trees were being tossed around, whipping everything wildly. Rough. This evening when I went to the garage, there was no sign of the possums - probably chose to stay in bed and avoid the windy weather.

I hope you can avoid the Mayo trip, but it's good to know you've got everything organised in case you have to go.



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning Linda, sounds like a good plan for your day.
It was a toss and turn night. Better to get up and make a bit of coffee and do some work.
I'm in N.C. for the weekend. It was hot but the prediction is of a cold front coming through and drop of temps into the 80's. Nice change.
difficult child is difficult child but seems to be doing well.
easy child is starting to countdown to college. I think he is getting a little nervous as it approaches.
Nothing new or exciting.

Hope you regain your strength and enjoy your day on the patio with a book.

Have a good day everyone.</span>


Good Morning.
Up bright and early today.

Linda, hope things go good for you. Sounds like you have the next week all planned out.

Marg - how cold is it? We had a cold front move through yesterday. Took the humidity away, that is a good thing. A bit cold for July though.

We made it through first round of baseball playoff's last night. Second round next week.

Hope everyone enjoy's their Friday.


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How cold is it? I don't know how to account for wind chill, but the external temperature out of the wind (in the garage) was 9 degrees C today (about 48 F). I know to a lot of people this sounds very warm, but it sure feels cold.
I was surprised in New Zealand at how it didn't really feel so cold, even when it was less than that.
I watch various TV shows from around the world, we get a lot of the Law and Order series, filmed in New York, and I've watched them filming with snow on the streets but people wearing what seems to be fairly light (for cold weather) clothing - no hat, no scarf, a tailored coat. I couldn't understand how you could dress so lightly when there's snow on the ground - until we experienced it for ourselves. There were several places where we were comfortable with fewer layers despite snow and ice, than I'm wearing now.

In New Zealand I wore my thermal layers and often found I could do without my heaviest coat. Indoors I stripped off the layers. Now, back home, I'm wearing the same clothes (the warmest ones) and still feeling really cold.

I'm blaming it on the wind - we live with it so much, we come to see it as normal. Now I realise it is not. Not surprising, really - all the trees in our part of the village lean to the north, from the influence of the constant, cold, south wind.

Keeps us a bit cooler in summer, though..,

Fran, I hope NC is a bit cooler for you - high 80s should be pleasant enough.

Kjs, I hope the baseball playoffs do OK - I know difficult child was disappointed at poor results the last few matches.


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I forgot to answer your question about my birds - the most regular visitors are the finches, house & golden, cardinals, blue jays, 3 different types of woodpeckers & about every songbird you can imagine for our climate. (I'm sure the neighbors aren't at all pleased with me - I'm loving it.)

husband & kt pointed out the cedar waxwings yesterday - it's a bit early to see them migrating through. husband also noted the grossbeaks.


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The songbirds sound lovely. We have beautiful birds, but most of them squawk. At best they sound like a squeaky door, or as they fly off you would swear their wings need oiling.
The rainbow lorikeets, though, have a bell-like chime sometimes, although they can suddenly turn on a squabble if another bird gets into the water bowl first!

husband went out to the garage when he finally got home, to get his evening glass of juice. And there was possum, sitting on the gable watching him as he walked along the path. It's as if HE was who she comes out for.
Couldn't tell which one she was - last year's baby, or the older mother with a pouch baby. But she likes the gable on the garage.

Fifi, Taronga Zoo's oldest chimpanzee, died today. She was sixty years old. Her family were with her, the zoo staff said, and are grieving in their own way, but they expect things to return to normal soon. Many of the Sydney chimps are descended from Fifi or her sisters.



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Good morning. :coffee:
Linda- Having a plan ready sounds like a prudent idea. :smile:
Marg- I'm sorry to hear about Fifi, I'm sure she will be missed by her clan, the staff and the visitors. :frown: There was a statue & plaque mounted in memory of a chimp that died in the 90's at the Toronto Zoo. Apartently, she died as a result of eating something a spectator placed in the exhibit. :nonono: She died despite the heroic efforts of staff and onlookers to save her.
Fran- easy child has about a month before he heads to school, right? I bet his head is spinning, lol! :rofl:
Kjs- Congratulations to difficult child on the team's win. Remind him that every game from here on out is gravy. :warrior:
Duckie & I will be heading out to a local theme park this morning with some friends. It ought to be fun once we get there as long as the weather holds. :smile:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:

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Good Morning All,

Linda-It's good to hear how much kt is enjoying her cell phone. easy child has had one for awhile but wants a new one for her birthday next week. I haven't decided yet if she'll get it or not. It is good you will be prepared if they say you have to head down to Mayo.

Marguerite-I hope you get a warm up soon.

Fran-Enjoy the nice temperatures. Are you house shopping or have you found one already? Glad difficult child is doing well. I so remember that countdown to college. I was excited as could be but it was mingled with some nervousness.

Kjs-Very cool about making it past the first round! Good for difficult child!

The sun is shining here this morning and it is a pleasant 50 degrees. We have the ac off and all windows open! Last night I finished reading Sidney Portier's autobiography. It was a good book.

Today will be busy. I have to drop off easy child at her program. Then around 10:30 we are dropping difficult child at my friend's house. She will drop him at wrestling for us because we are attending a lunch and program for easy child. It is the end of her 5 week program. She is getting all dressed up-said it is like 8th grade graduation only better and wants husband and myself dressed nicely too! She is having husband put her hair up in a bun style.

Then her program ends at 2:00 and by 2:30 we need to be at difficult child's wrestling camp as they are having a mini competition for the last day. Should be interesting as we will be still in our dress clothes in a hot, smelly gym!

I hope everyone enjoys their day-hi to anyone who snuck in. :dance:


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Good Morning on a Free Choice Friday Morning!

If I had my choice, it would be to sleep today! For some reason, I'm exhausted. But, it's not too busy a day so maybe a nap is in my future.

Sorry I can't address each of you but the cleaning crew will be here any minute and I'm off in 30 to get my hair done and I still need to get the kids up!!!!

Have a great Friday.