A very good Saturday morning to

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    my friends & fellow :warrior:parents.

    I know it's Saturday & I should be sleeping in - not happening. I've been up & busy for quite a while - I'll nap in a bit as kt is at respite & I can drop off at anytime.

    I can't go see wm today or tomorrow as GP has me taking dieuretics & I can't be far from a bathroom. Need to get some fluid out of my lungs (all from the prednisone - cannot wait to stop that medication). However, wm & I have set up a phone schedule for while I'm away in Rochester. He & I also decided on our next activity together - he wants to start drawing with me. So I promised him a sketch pad & special pencils to start out. He also had to promise that he wouldn't draw violence or weapons - I'm tired of seeing that. I have a book on drawing animals but I'm looking specifically for a child's age book on drawing fish & sea animals. wm loves those. I may find one before I get back.

    Soooooo, I expect today will be a day of keeping my feet up &/or painting on my latest project. husband is running any errands that need to be taken care of - can't think of any right off the top of my head.

    I'm making a special tuna (from tuna steak) pasta dish tonight for dinner. It calls for a head of garlic - we love garlic around this house (keeps the vampires away), and arugula with other basic Italian spices. That with a good salad will do the trick.

    Enjoy your Saturday - here's to a calm & relaxing day for all of you & your "little wonders".

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-Enjoy your painting:painter: and your dinner:spaghetti:. I love lots of garlic too. I hope you are having a restful sleep by now.:sleeping:

    I'm off to work in a bit. Then I figure it's the official start of my spring break and I'll start it with a nap. At some point husband and I will also head off to the health club:exercisebike: Later we will go visit difficult child. He's back in the hospital-long, frustrating story, maybe I'll do a post later.

    I hope everyone enjoys a calm, peaceful day!:peaceful:
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    :coffee:Good Saturday Morning!

    Linda, hope you are getting some rest here this morning. I love tuna and I love garlic - what time is dinner :spaghetti:?!

    Sharon, we don't have our spring break until the next week. But, I definately have a nap on my agenda today. easy child and I will be leaving for the gym in about 45. When we get back she's going to wash her hair and I'll flat iron it :hairy:. That's the sum of my agenda today. Oh, and getting difficult child started on an art project that is due on Monday. Looking foward to hearing what is going on with difficult child and his rehospitalization. Please find some time today to let us know what happened.

    I feel a bad cold coming on - which is a real bummer because I just got over a mild one. I can feel the throat and head beginning signs of a humdinger! Maybe that nap is a really good idea :sleeping:.

    Wishing everyone a great Saturday!

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    G'day, everybody.

    Linda, that tuna pasta sounds great. Do you roast the garlic whole, or just put it in crushed? Good to hear wm is taking up drawing. I hope you find the book you need.

    Sharon/Wiped, spring break already? And you're napping BEFORE the health club? I'd be needing a good long sleep afterwards.

    Sharon/LDM, flat ironing hair takes me back, way back. Look after yourself, you don't want a cold at this time of year.

    husband & I just got in after the wedding - my best friend's daughter (Greek). She looked lovely - nothing like a meringue, more like understated Greek goddess. Her mother made the dresses and they looked fabulous. She's offered to make the dresses for our brides too.
    It was a lovely wedding, until the DJ turned the music up loud. Then the dance floor emptied, everyone old or with babies left, and even young people were avoiding the loud music. Why do they do that? I went out to the car in search of ear plugs, I ended up having to make my own papier maché ear plugs out of an old paper towel. After that I was immune to the music, and I could still hear people talking to me, but they couldn't hear me very well unless I almost shouted in their ears. A pity - we would have really enjoyed talking to people, instead of trying to mime.

    Still, we had a good time and it was good for husband & me to get out together.

    It's very hot here tonight. Even outside, it's about 75 F, in autumn, at almost midnight. But spare a thought for Adelaide - they're STILL in the grip of the longest heatwave ever for an Aussie capital city, plus fires are breaking out everywhere. Our friends from Philly are there at the moment, I hope they're not suffering too much. They'll be here on Thursday (probably about the time the heatwave arrives here!) and some time in between, I have to get the church's Paschal candle made, in time for me to decorate it for Easter Sunday.

    I think husband & I are going to have to work on it tomorrow. It's a bit of a long process, because that much wax in a long column shrinks as it cools and I have to watch it to make sure it doesn't cavitate around the wick; as the wax shrinks down the middle, I have to keep the channel open so I can pour more wax into any holes that form. It's like watching a fire - you can relax a bit, but still must be vigilant to avert a potential disaster.

    Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.

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    Ahhhh....the weekend has arrived!

    Linda, that tuna sound wonderful! Enjoy your respite and I hope you get some rest. Your comment about a drawing book for Wm rang a bell. Seems to me that difficult child got one for Christmas one year that was called How To Draw Almost Anything. (I think.....something along those lines though) I don't recall the age it was geared towards but if I'm remembering right, it would be right for Wm. I'd go look for it but I'm pretty sure it's been dismembered long ago. Either way, you shouldn't have any problem finding an appropriate book for Wm.

    WO, enjoy your spring break! Hugs about difficult child, post when you feel up to it.

    Sharon, ugh! Colds are the worst! I always had sucess with Alkaseltzer Plus for colds. (And wow........pretty sure I butchered the spelling on that! LOL) Hope you feel better soon.

    Marg...sounds like a wonderful evening minus the DJ. I've heard you talk about these candles before but I'm not sure I know what they are. Could you post pictures when you are done? I'm sooo not a crafty person so I love to see things that others make.

    difficult child spent the night at his new friends house and is planning on hanging out with his family today. Apparently they are going shopping so he's been bargaining for 10 or 20 bucks. The last time they went, he had birthday money and did pretty good. If nothing else, I've taught him the value of sales, clearance signs and Goodwill stores! LOL My brother, who is a junior in high school, is in a school play. Tonight is the last performance so I will be going to see that with my Dad and Step-mom. difficult child said he didn't want to go so it should be an enjoyable evening! (husband has to work) My sister is flying back from Florida today. She went with two other girls and the third one apparently turned into a witch once they got there. (They drove in the witch's car) Plus, they had two tires blow out on the way down so the car has two doughnut tires. This girl decided she didn't want to buy new tires and was planning on driving back like that. My sister and her friend decided they didn't want to risk it and managed to get cheap plane tickets through the friend's aunt. They are due in sometime today.

    Enjoy the weekend everyone. I may be a bit early on this but Spring is on the way!!!! :playingball:
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    Spring break starts here today as well. Some of Miss KT's friends TP'd the tree and her truck last night...I got her up to see it and she groaned and went straight back to bed! I have banana bread in the oven, beans soaking for chicken enchilada soup, and plans for chocolate chip cookies later, with green chocolate chips for St. Patrick's Day!