A very good Tuesday morning, friends......

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. timer lady

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    :coffee:HMJ is brewing, I'm wrapped in my morning quilt & planning my day. Really not much to plan - makes me feel better to do this each day though.

    I do have to head out to physical therapy this morning; home to a bit of cleaning as I tolerate it (should probably handle it a bit better as my sister in law is heading into town tonight. She cleans like my mother did - CHAOS is the word of the day. Can't have anyone over syndrome. :stalker:)

    sister in law will be here until Friday on some kind of conference here so we'll be seeing a great deal of each other. Have been looking forward to it for a couple of weeks now.

    Enjoy your Tuesday, friends. I hope you accomplish all you set out to do & that your difficult children are cooperative. Find at least one reason to smile today.
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day, Linda. Enjoy your time with sister in law, family time is so good for us. I hope kt is still confiding in you (which clearly is a sign she knows she needs help). Have a good day.

    It's been raining a lot, we get a respite for a few hours. We emptied 40 mm out of the rain gauge last night, and 140 mm this morning! That's even more than the maximum they officially announced! But we RAE off the beaten track a bit. AND floodbound.
    We were able to drive the long way round today, had to get mother in law out for blood tests (she caught the boat home - at least it was running) and both husband & I had doctors to see.
    Mine was the liver specialist - looks like another liver biopsy coming up, although he thinks the problem could be due to undiagnosed IBS. Whatever it is, I hope he finds out soon before the problems gets much worse. But if anyone can, it's this guy. He's good. The only reason I haven't seen him before, is he wasn't old enough to have been practising when I last was referred to a liver specialist. It's the same doctor that easy child 2/difficult child 2 sees, I was impressed with him then.

    Tomorrow, if we have brief sunshine, I hope to swim (if I feel well enough). The sea temperature is still a fabulous 23C. But then we're in for another week of rain. The floods MAY be down by morning, but as husband says, "All it will take is for someone to spit upstream, and the road goes under again."
    In two weeks time, we hope to drive to Port Macquarie for my sister's birthday. But if there are floods, we won't get through.

    Trouble is, it's all falling where we don't need it. The west is still dry.

    Oh well... the funny side of it is, the very unpopular desalination plant project, happening not far from us, has been washed out. A lot of anti-plant campaigners are saying that God is sending a message that maybe we need a different option, such as stormwater harvest... more energy-efficient, less of an eyesore, less of an environmental disaster. And they keep digging up human remains which also stops the project.

    Life is definitely interesting in our neck of the woods!

    Enjoy your Tuesday!

  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :beautifulthing:Good Morning Linda, Marg, and all who follow!

    Linda, a visit with your sister in law, how nice :lady:And also the benefit of a little Chaos - sometimes we need something to shake up the mondane!! Have a great day!

    Marg, "And they keep digging up human remains which also stops the project." - Ewwwwwwww:scared:!!! That's a pleasant visual for this Tuesday morning! Hope your tests go alright and that the meteorologist is wrong and sun shines tomorrow and you can spend the day at the beach!!

    I am going to the office this morning and then I have a child study meeting at difficult child's school. We are rewritting his BIP, which was last done when he was in second grade (like 2/2004)! After that I have to make a grocery run. I never got to it yesterday. Once all that get's done it will be time to pick up difficult child! easy child and I also have our weekly WW weigh-in tonight!

    Wishing everyone a day that is meaningful.

  4. wakeupcall

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    Today is a little stressful here. husband has a checkup at MD Anderson Cancer hospital. I still don't think he's feeling very well...but you know men, they don't open up and SAY anything to their doctors most of the time. I hate sounding like a mother and being the tattle-tale, but..

    difficult child is acting a little strange these days. One day he's a more typical tween (12) and the next he's acting like a three-year-old. It's so exhausting. He's now got this little high-pitched whine, I can't explain it, but it's so annoying. He does it for no apparent reason, and no it's not a tic, just HIM.

    The good side is that here in south TX it's been very warm, cloudy, but warm. I suffer from SAD (self-dxd), so the clouds are working on my attitude......arg.

    In preparation for the day, I think I'll have more caffeine. Join me??
  5. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Tuesday morning everyone. We are going to hit record breaking highs around here. It was 70 yesterday and it's supposed to get to 77 today. I'm not sure that will happen but that's the prediction.

    Linda sound like a good day. Your s i l's party sounds fun.
    Marguerite, hope the liver issues fade away and there isn't more flooding.
    I'm with LDM regarding the unearthing of human remains.
    LDM, good luck with the bip and the weigh in. You go Girl!:you_go_girl:

    Pamela, hope the visit to the MD Anderson hospital goes better than hoped. I don't envy your dealing with a tween and a husband who is acting like a shy kid so that mom can tattle tale on him. We are getting the warm balmy weather around here too but just for a day or two.

    I am having a bunch of furniture picked up for consignment today. I tried selling it on craigslist but that didn't work out. Oh well, I tried. It will go a long way towards getting more settled.
    Lots of errands today and then off to get a little pampering.

    No news from difficult child. Hope that is a good sign.

    Have a prodcutive day. Give your SO a hug. :cutie_pie: If that doesn't sound like fun hug one of your kids. :stopglass:
  6. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    A quick note on the "human remains" issue - this place is complex. A lot of the time, the remains turn out to be from an ancient Aboriginal burial site. But this plant is going in at Wanda Beach, the location of a very infamous unsolved double murder case from the 1960s (two 15 year old girls, bodies found the day after they disappeared). There is considerable thought that the killer was a repeat offender with Wanda sandhills perhaps his regular dumping site, so every bone they find has to be forensically examined, the location is treated as a possible crime site. They have four possible suspects for the crime, a fraction more evidence is all that's needed and each time, they think this might be it.
    We can see Wanda Beach from our front gate, although it's across the water from us.

    Enjoy your caffeine, all ye who indulge.

  7. SearchingForRainbows

    SearchingForRainbows Active Member

    Good Morning Everyone:coffee:

    Linda, Don't worry about the cleaning!!! Enjoy your sister in law's visit!!!

    Marg, I hope you feel better and are able to swim tomorrow!!!:water_happy: And, 23C means the water is about 76F - See, I WAS PAYING ATTENTION, lol!!!

    Sharon, I hope everything goes well with the meeting to update difficult child's BIP!!! And, I'm looking forward to you sharing good news on the Healthy Living forum tomorrow morning!!!

    Pamela, I hope husband is feeling better and difficult child surprises you and acts like a easy child today!!! I would love to join you for coffee. How about my house? I just made a fresh pot!!!

    Fran, It definitely takes a LONG time to get settled into a new home. I'm sure you'll feel so much better after the old furniture is gone!!! I'm glad you're going for some "pampering" today - ENJOY!!!:lipstick:

    Not much exciting stuff on the agenda today - Just the usual - a few hours of work, errands, and, before I know it - It's time to pick up difficult children.

    As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today:flower: WFEN
  8. Happy Tuesday to All!

    I just got back from my quick walk to the church on the corner where I cast my Super Tuesday vote. All in all it took about 3 minutes - I was surprised as I was expecting a real crowd - maybe I was just too early ... I'm lifting my cup of super strong joe to you fellow coffee lovers - nothing beats that first lovely taste of coffee! I'm settling in to start my work day - I work at home twice a week - and those days are my favorite days - LOL. easy child called last night to say he is traveling home to vote as he forgot to get an absentee ballot. I'm betting he won't do that again given the cost of gas, but it will be wonderful to see him. We're thinking we might go out of dinner tonight as he loves to go out so much! difficult child had to go off to school very early this morning. His band is preparing for a competition and he's been off early every morning for the last month.. Not the way to make a difficult child happy, but he's coping.

    Timer Lady, I hope you and sister in law have a fun visit. I don't get to see my sister in law's nearly often enough and they are all great fun. My sister in law who is a forensic pathologist is the most fun, wow, the stories she can tell! LDM, may the Force be with you for the BIP and the WW weigh in! Pamela J, hang in there - time and coffee will help with that whining. Both easy child and difficult child went through that at times - and I'm with you, it's very hard to tolerate.

    Fran, we'll be sweltering with you here in the Sunny South. It's hard to keep the wardrobe straight isn't it? Marg - I hope that you get your swim and that the testing goes well. I heard a very interesting story about your desalination (wow, that's not a word I use often) plant on the radio last week. It's interesting to hear your point of view as well. The story was praising desalination to the heavens! WFEN - have a great day!!!