A very Good Wednesday morning, my friends....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. timer lady

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    & fellow warrior parents. :warrior::good_morning:

    It's a very chilly 7 below zero in my backyard this morning; that bone chilling dark when you can hear every crunch with your footsteps. Sally had to do her duty & you'd never seen a dog in & out quite so quickly as our 13 y/o Sally. :cool_dog:

    :coffee: is brewed & my day is starting; a couple of loads of laundry are ready to throw in - just waiting for a healthy body to carry them downstairs for me (I supposed 3 a.m. is asking a bit much)l. I can't choose between making a beef stew or a broccoli cheese soup for dinner tonight. All I know is that today is soup/stew kind of weather. :2cold:

    Cleaning lady is due in today & my only other chore is to sort out all the mail that husband has been piling in his office rather than looking through it & handing it to me. Makes it a bit hard to stay on top of bill paying & where we stand. I'm thinking a tatoo won't be able to remind him - branding may help. What are your thoughts?

    And of course, you must always plan in that ever so important nap time. My very favorite hobby - right up there with golf, piano & painting!. :its_all_good::rofl:

    Enjoy your Wednesday - here's to a calm & uneventful day. Homework completed with-o meltdowns, meals magically appearing on dinner tables on time & bed time with-o a fuss. Don' t you love living in my little world? :puppet:
  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I do love living in your world especially if a meal would appear magically on my dinner table and there would be no difficult child fussings! Glad you are planning in that nap-you know how I feel about napping. I love that quote that says "No day is so bad that it can't be helped by a nap".

    It's cold here too and I've about had it. We have a wind chill advisory this morning-expecting down to 30 below with the wind chill. So far I've had an o.k. attitude about our snowiest winter ever but the roads are so bad! The drives to and from work are horrible. The last snow/ice storm on Sunday hasn't been completely cleared because it's been too cold for the salt to work and oh the pot holes!:crazydriver:

    After work today my only plan is getting to the health club. I haven't been there since Saturday for one reason or another. O.k. Sunday was bad weather and the last two days I've been too wimpy to go out in the cold! That is not like me but I will be back on track tonight!:treadmill:

    I hope everyone has the kind of magical day Linda described, now if I could only find my magic wand:flowers:
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Linda, can you use the laundry basket as a toboggan and slide down the stairs on top of the laundry? Just a thought. And about husband needing branding - just who are you gonna get to rope him first? Mind you don't get distracted...

    Sharon, sorry the cold is getting you down. It can't be too long now. We've had the wettest summer (at least the last two months) and they are forecasting that the winter to come will last almost ten months. Not nice.

    I seem to be coming down with a bug of some sort. I saw the doctor today (before I realised I was running a low-grade fever) and she was puzzled. Didn't think it was the biopsy. I was able to buy a chicken to roast for dinner. Got home with just enough energy to put the chook in the oven and ask the kids to peel the spuds. Which they did - two hours later! They're busy looking through paperwork on buying a house, too busy to stop for a minute and keep the routine moving. I really do wonder how on earth they will manage when they move out on their own - easy child 2/difficult child 2 & BF2, I'm talking about. As for difficult child 1 - he never phoned to say he wouldn't be home for dinner, he's another one I'm a bit miffed by. Although it's Wednesday night, Bible study is probably back on... which means he should be home in about half an hour (plus canoodling time with girlfriend).

    Tomorrow is my cleaning day. I've been hearing fascinating gossip about my nutty cleaner and how he's really upsetting other clients - I can't wait. If he tries to get high-and-mighty about my soul again, I'm going to quote scripture at him, BIG time. Something about "first take the log out of your own eye...". For crying out loud, he's got a charge of indecent exposure hanging over him, he is NOT in a position to get preachy just because I don't go to HIS church...

    If I wasn't feeling so rotten, I'd be almost looking forward to it. Here's hoping my brain function is switched on sufficiently.

    Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.

  4. mrscatinthehat

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    Linda I would love to live in a world like the one you are dreaming of. Enjoy that nap later.

    Sharon I know what you mean about the cold and snow. And we got more last night. I love winter but this is pushing it.

    Marg hope that fever does what it needs to and goes away. Get some rest. As for your nutty cleaner if he starts....get him.

    Well I am home. I have to go to work soon. Then make some phone calls. I was greeted warmly by all the 4 legged kids when I got here last evening. However easy child was quite in a mood. I have to call and rearrange some appointments for her. Mind you these are appointments we talked about when I got her track practice schedule and she originally told me to leave alone. I am beyond tired of that whole scenario. I am about ready to put everything in writing with her. Well not everything but just about.

    Hope everyone has a good day.

  5. tammyjh

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    Good morning and wow its cold there. Makes me feel warm with our 20 degrees.lol.

    I'm thinking I'll be getting a nap too...my 2 1/2 yr. old won't enjoy having to have one but...oh well...life comes with disappointments. lol.

    Have a good one everybody :D
  6. dreamer

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    Linda, the vote from our house is cheesey broccoli soup- it is a favorite of my kids, BUT according to easy child, when I made navy bean ham soup Monday, "soup is soup, not dinner, mom" yeesh. Yup bitter cold, here, too. Sure wish my doggie would be a little faster doing his duty. Brrr!

    Wiped out, hope you make it to health club today. This 30 below windchill has me shivering - did your TV news show like mine, a salt supply came in so now they can FINALLY salt the roads again? Ug! Me and Buffy were chopping ice SUnday in the thunderstorm, talk about a workout! Good news- we did manage to dig out a spot for our recycle bin and garbage near the curb, YAY!

    Marg, sorry you are ill, hope it is nothing serious. Wish I could be a fly on wall if you talk to the cleaner about the log in his eye. I suppose looking for a house is far more fun than helping with dinner?

    mrscatinthehat- nothing i hate more than telephone work and setting or changeing appts. My sympathies to you!

    tammyjh- hope you get that nap!

    Not sure what I am doing today, taxes, maybe. FAFSA if taxes get done. Trip to library to use copy machine, except it is just so cold!
    Was gonna sit and read paper and have a cuppa, but the newspaper looked so gosh darn sad and depressing! I got all the laundry done before bed last nite, and used much of last nites dinner last nite to create tonites dinner....I suppose maybe I will just sit here and grumble about the idea of ventureing out into the cold for a couple hours before I actually do it. LOL.
    I heard on TV last nite there might be a typhoon in western australia? Glad we do not have typhoons, here.

    Hope everyone has a good day!!!!!