A very good Wednesday morning.....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Another warm day promised today. The humidity has dropped to tolerable & I can turn a/c off for a bit today.

    It was a very busy day yesterday & I accomplished little with all the home health visitors wandering through my home. We developed a more focused PT treatment plan; speech is still unknown as Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) & Occupational Therapist (OT) are still doing further testing. I may end up at the U doing a neuropsychologist test.

    kt has therapist appointment this afternoon - husband is handling that. I'm hoping to get through the pile of mail that has accumulated about my desk over the last 2 weeks.

    Have a good day ~ hope your difficult children are cooperative & you find a reason to laugh today. :bigsmile:
  2. tiredmommy

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    Good morning Linda. :coffee:

    Is husband feeling any better after his weekend sabbatical a few weeks ago?

    Day three of camp & it's TWINkle Day, the other Mom Volunteer and I are dressing alike. Duckie is still loving it, though she sought me out a few times yesterday to show me what she's done & learned.

    I think the biggest issue I've had this week is realizing that other parents put their difficult children into scouts for the socialization too. We've got two (sisters) that I need to reign in continually. Add that to the set of twins that cry over everything and it's been an interesting week so far. :rofl:

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    This is my second attempt at trying to reply to this today. My computer froze while I was typing my last response and had to be turned off. Some days I hate computers!:mad:

    Linda-Sounds like a less busy day for you which is a good thing!:D Glad it will be less humid today. We were suppose to be very humid but it sounds now like the levels may drop some.

    TM-TWINkle day sounds like fun:D-we have special days like that at school sometimes. I'm sure trying to reign in difficult children can make the day more challenging.

    We are supposed to be hot today so this afternoon I a m heading to the pool with a friend.:beach: This morning we are dropping off difficult child at camp-he gets to go to a big water park today in the Dells so he should have a blast. husband and I will then head to the club.

    Tonight I am going to a Margarita party with people from school that I haven't seen all summer, of course, since I'm driving I'll be drinking water instead of margaritas. It should be fun to see everyone, I'm sure there will be lots of talk about the fact that we are unexpectedly getting a new principal.

    Wishing everyone a pleasant summer's day:beach_ball:
  4. Calgon_Take_Me_Away

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    Here's hoping a Wonderful Wednesday for all!

    The days posted so far sound full, yet enjoyable!

    Our day hasn't even started yet ~ it's 7:30, all kids are still in bed. husband leaves at 7 for work so I generally get up before he leaves which also gives me some time to myself.
  5. Andy

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    Timer - You are having a very busy week. I hope all gets done and results to tests are good ones.

    Tired Mommy - Oh for fun! :) Volunteering is so good for everyone. I am glad you are enjoying it.

    Wiped Out - I'll be your designated driver! Where and when?

    Calgon - I hope your day starts great once the kids start getting up.

    I have been super busy this week. Sunday I spent the day setting up out VBS craft room, free play room, and registration tables. difficult child helped the decortation people.

    On Monday, difficult child didn't feel well at 10:00 am so I left work to take him home for a rest. We then did some shopping and more set up for VBS. That night he won his 2nd playoff game so he will be in the championship game on Friday. VBS staff (the very few we have) was able to handle the 1st day registration without me (I knew they could! :)).

    On Tuesday, difficult child went to a neighbor's VBS. Another large step for him - he has never wanted to go to a VBS without me. He then played at the neighbor home while I went into finish setting up for Tuesday night VBS. The music person asked if I could do the opening and closing and start the 1st music station. Neighbor boy came to VBS and difficult child and neighbor boy made their own schedule to go around to each station. Then the evening ended with them getting into the van and taking out the play guns which I told them they can use AFTER all the VBS kids were gone - Guess they don't know the definition of AFTER. Neighbor lost part of his take apart gun. Oh Well - you don't listen to instructions, bad things can happen.

    Today, difficult child goes to work for a short time with me - then I take him bowling. Pick him up at 12:30 - home for a rest. I think he is going to neighbors again while I go back to complete set up for tonight's VBS.

    VBS is going great - I had to talk to one girl last night, otherwise no major discipline issues with the 50 kids.

    I better run - Have a GREAT day and find a way to make your difficult child laugh.