A warrior mom's point of view on autism


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Good stuff! I do agree about the sensationalising it all. I don't agree that we should ignore the negative stuff though - there is a lot that needs fixing, and anything we can achieve in this generation is not only the result of our own efforts, but it's on the backs of pioneers like this who have already begun to blaze a trail.

I managed to get the Special Education autism high school class I wanted, in the time frame I told them I would do it. But it's not just my achievement, people had been fighting for this for years before I came along. I just put my shoulder to the wheel alongside theirs, and who knows? Maybe my efforts just coincided with their eventual success.

We should never compare our problems with someone else's - you can't put a measuring stick on disability. We all just try to cope, each with our own little bundle of issues. And sometimes our efforts bring results, either because of, or in spite of, our efforts piggybacked onto everyone else's.



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"If I could control his behavior, don't you think I would?"

"Next year, for National Autism Awareness Month, can we focus on people and families and communities who deal with autism in a more positive way?"

These 2 statements said it all for me!