A Weight Loss Thread - tips and support welcome!


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Having nearly hijacked another thread, a couple of us thought a weight loss thread might be a good idea; just a place to chime in on your struggles, ask advice, give support and share milestones.

Starting off with me I guess!

I've been heavy my whole life and have about 120 lbs to lose to get to my goal weight (which is actually still overweight on the charts, but what my doctor recommends). As I am 51 years old, it seems to be harder and harder. I did, at one point a few years ago, lose 100 lbs on Weight Watchers, but unfortunately, I regained most of it. It took two years. I lost 70 in one year, then struggled another year to lose the other 30. Then, hitting that goal kind of just flipped a switch and my brain said, "You're done!!!" After maintaining a year or so, on it came. I can't believe I actually let that happen. :(

It's back to the drawing board after the holidays.


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Well, given that I've lost over 100 in the last 4 years, you'd think I'd be at a decent weight.
Except... it's been yo-yo weight. Lose 10, gain 8. Lose 25, gain 30.

So... it's back to the "get it off mode".

This time, I'm NOT counting calories.

Here's my plan:
- Only measuring portion sizes for desert and snacks.
- Keep well hydrated
- Drink water before reaching for a snack (often we think we're hungry when we're really thirsty)
- Only fresh fruits and raw veggies after 7pm.

If I can reduce my snack calories and my after-supper calories, it will make a big difference. I don't care if I only lose 1 lb per month, as long as it's consistently going down.


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One thing that has really helped me is giving up sugar and carbs - my A1C numbers went down 2.4 points in just 3 months! Of course pounds came off as well. Check out eating Paleo to see if it might work for you.

Good luck - this is a battle so many of us fight every day.

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This is always a struggle for me. I did lose 70 on WW in 96-97 and have kept 50 off but right now it may be about 45. I haven't weighed in for awhile but I know it can't be good.

I like LDM's idea of paleo. Right now I am hoping to watch portion control with-o actually tracking points (I know at some point I may end up tracking again but want to try this first). I'm trying to eat mostly non processed food. I also try to cut back on my carbs (but not completely for me-there are a few things I don't want to give up-my hot buttered popcorn is a staple for me-lol). I need to add in more veggies and fruits again.

Usually this is the time of the year when I do well but not this year.

One thing that I hope helps to motivate me is that husband's family is doing a "biggest loser" contest. We are starting in January and going until the end of February. We are all pitching in $25 and whoever loses the highest percentage of weight will win the money.


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I was thinking about how medical people use percentages for everything. I also greatly believe we eat waaaay toooo many sweets and it severely hampers weight loss.

If you eat a sugary snack, two times a week, that's 2/7. That's like 28.5 %. Which is almost a third....which is kind of a lot. So....even if you only had a sugary dessert two times a week, it is kind of being generous and probably a little too generous if you wish to lose at a nice rate.

in my humble opinion, to lose weight at a decent rate, we need to greatly reduce sugary foods and that means perhaps one sugary snack, one portion, once a week.

When I'm able to do this, I do better and FEEL better too.

I'm not counting on anyone having success with this, THIS particular week.

Since I have auto immune problems and I need to lose a little weight, I hope to be able to eat sweets even less than this...maybe once or twice a month. I find that they really mess up my health and the scale.

Oh, I like WW...but I always tweaked it, no matter what the program was at the time, I did less carbs/very little sugar. This works very well. I do like WW very much.

These days, I'm not doing WW, just watching portions, eating very healthy foods, reducing carbs and greatly reducing sugar. When I'm consistent with this, it works very well for weight loss and I feel better overall.
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I find the best way to enjoy sweets is when the following conditions are ALL met at the same time:
1) immediately after exercise
2) 1/4 of a "normal" portion
3) high-quality only... so, no "cheap donuts", convenience-store chocolate, etc. A small portion of decadent cheesecake, premium-quality-chocolate, or half of one of my mother's to-die-for tarts... All of which aren't available very often.

Because I don't like to exercise... it really cuts down on the opportunity for sweets... :D


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My weight has been a losing battle for years, so after trying WW and everything else I could think of, my PCP started me on Belviq. I was in the habit of mindless eating, and I'm very conscious of the fact that I'm no longer just munching to be doing something. I'm hopeful this will be the beginning of good things, since I have about 150 pounds to lose. I know it's not a quick fix, because I didn't gain it all overnight.


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I am in need of losing about 15-20 lbs. This is sad considering I had weight loss surgery about 2.5 years ago. Earlier this year I was working out of the time and eating better and I lost about 5-7 lbs that I needed to lose. Even though it wasn't all I needed to lose I felt so much better. Now that I am working I have gained it back and I am miserable. As soon as Christmas is over the whole family is going to see a big change. I've been trying to slowly get the change made without them noticing but they keep bringing home junk and screwing it up. December 26th the smack down begins. I have to lose the weight.


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I also have to lose 15-20 pounds. I have many obstacles...the worst is I can do very little exercise due to multiple health/pain issues. This means diet is imperative. Little to no room for mess ups. Maybe we can do a support thread. I do know what helps me are all the obvious things:

Lots and lots of water
Avoidance of junk/processed foods
Low carbs
Little to NO sugar
Lots of veggies, both cooked and raw
Protein daily
Portion control

Keep moving physically when and where possible
Exercise ... Even just a little...anything



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Oh, I agree that either not eating ANYTHING after 7 pm (herbal tea or water is fine) or a small amount of veggies or low glycemic fruit like berries if and only if very hungry, can be of help when trying to lose weight. But best to stick with just water or herbal tea.

Maybe 7:30 on weekends????

When I've incorporated this, yes, it really did help.


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Please get an A1C run and make sure you are not diabetic before following the above eating plan. Not eating after 7:30 PM can lead to a diabetic waking up with dangerously low blood sugar. I have to eat protein and COMPLEX carbs before bedtime in order to wake up with normal sugar values.


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Thank you so much for starting this thread. It's great we can all support each other no matter what our weight loss goals may be. I am currently 5'2 and 168 pounds. I am obese by current medical standards. That does not sit well with me. My goal is to lose 43 pounds. I have been thin all my life but sine I hit my forties a couple of years ago my metabolism has betrayed me. I'm sure all these antidepressants they keep throwing at me aren't helping either. Anyway, two years ago I went from a skinny (almost too skinny) 120 pounds to a whopping 171 pounds. The heaviest I have ever been in my life. I am not happy so I am doing something about it, but it's been a struggle so far.

I started Weight Watchers over a year ago in the summer and lost 17 pounds. The holidays came around and I gained every single pound back. I started back on the plan a couple months later then and I have been doing the yo yo routine ever since. I lose 5 pounds, gain it back, etc. Now that the holidays are finally over it's easier for me to stay on the plan and I have no excuses. I am super motivated and I have no doubt I will eventually lose the weight, although maybe not as fast as I would like. I cannot exercise yet till I get cleared by the cardiologist, which will hopefully be happening next Tuesday. For now I am sticking with Weight Watchers and easing off the exercising. If my doctor clears it I will resume my 30 minute power walking routine after work again. I find it very motivating that I have you all to support me, and I will gladly give as much support as I can right back to ya.


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I too love WW. However, I personally found the weight comes off faster, just like with ANY good weight loss program, if you GREATLY reduce (or eliminate) refined sugars and at least somewhat reduce starchy carbs...like flour, etc. the program doesn't always emphasize this...but it is healthier and faster this way.

I'm also also 5'2", on lots of medications, including those that are weight gainers and am struggling with exercise due to pain issues. I'm now able to exercise ten minutes several days a week.

I have about 15 pounds to lose. I worked very hard to lose a little and then the holidays came and I blew it. (Sound familiar?)

But, I'm back on track now. I'm a big believer in our foods helping (or hurting) our health and I also highly suspect that sugar is super bad for our health (and our weight), so I'm using that for motivation to eat right and avoid sugar big time. I talked with one of my docs the other day and he liked my ideas and now I'm going to talk with my GP on Friday to double check everything. I actually spoke with her once before, but I'm going to go into mor detail, as my plan is a little strict (but healthy).

Anyway, wishing you and everyone strength and happiness. I know it is worth it!!!


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Great clip. I not only have seen "Fed Up," I own the video. I did some work for a weight loss company and it was super clear to me that the folks who stopped eating sugar, lost weight faster and felt better and this also holds true for me. Additionally, interestingly, my blood pressure goes down when I eat very little to no sugar. Socially, it does seem very hard to fully get away from sweets. But, I think we just have to understand that it needs to be a very occasional treat in a small portion only....especially if you are overweight or have a health issue.


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I love sweets. I really, really, REALLY love sweets. I can't think of any other non-living thing I love more than sweets. Preferably chocolate, but really, pretty much anything sweet. Cake, pie, ice cream, cookies, donuts, ice cream, candy, ice cream...did I mention ice cream?

It doesn't help that my darling Jabber thinks that ice cream is its own food group.

I don't care if it's sweetened with sugar, honey, or saccharine, so long as it's sweet. In fact I don't like anything but diet soda...regular is too sweet. (Yes, there is such a thing in my mind.)

It's the single hardest thing for me to cut back on, pasta being a very close second.


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Rx for weight loss: get a teenaged daughter who wants to get in shape but absolutely refuses to do it alone... so, guess I'm gonna have to go get some exercise...


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I cut out almost all sugar over the last year. It's helped tremendously with more than just weight loss. I still have the occasional treat but usually now instead of ice cream or cookies, I eat fruit with yogurt or a couple of pieces of dark chocolate. Much more satisfying and my body definitely thanks me lol

I also have had the most success in losing and keeping weight off while following the South Beach diet. It becomes a lifestyle instead of a "diet". It focuses on lean proteins and healthy carbs. I can't do carb free - I need my carbs lol - so this has always worked the best for me.

Also, drink lots and lots of water. It helps. A LOT!

As someone who has struggled with weight issues all of my life I understand how hard it is to lose and keep off. Thanks for starting this thread Lil!