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my 9 year old has been diagnosed with odd, adhd, and tourette's....i love him to death, but sometimes it is so hard to like him....i wish there was a magic pill that would make him as sweet as when he was 2...imagine that...the boy had no terrible twos, he's had terrible 5, 6, 7...etc get the point....he sees a shrink already for his medications (abilify and buspar) but it seems that the older he gets the worse he is becoming...he had been thrown out from his summer camp for his aggressive harmful behavior...i'm just hoping that he does well in school and in the aftercare program at school...he is obese so that doesn't help any either (he is on a strict no carb low cal diet now) i feel bad for his older brother and younger sister...since all my energy and focus is on calming him down most of the time...anyone out there have a child similar with some advice??? i'm so glad i found this child is not the only as i affectionally call a pia(pain in the :censored2:)...


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Oh, I hear you. I am so sorry. There's got to be something you can do, especially since he's got a diagnosis now (several, in fact).
You will find lots of advice here!
You can go back through old notes with-subject headings about ADHD, tourettes, etc, and you will learn a lot.
Take care of yourself and take breaks.


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You can also do a search and find topics with those words in it. I've done it to find people near me before too so that I not only have the board, but if I need to get out, I have someone to call.

Welcome to the board! PIA is definately a description many of us have used before...and many more will in the future.

You'll find some great support here! This board has helped keep me sane the last few months.


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What medication is he on? Also, as the other suggested do some browsing on this site. You will find a lot of useful information.

Also when you can, do a sig like the rest of us have, it saves you having to update with each message or new post. You can always modify your sig at any time.

Hang in there, we all help each other on this site - a mine of information.



Welcome. I have an almost 9 year old son with ahdd and anxiety (and probably other stuff). He's also overweight too so I can relate to those frustrations. I think it helps that I have only one. But it sure feels like 10 some days!


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thanks for all the words can't believe such a slight word is censored...i try to keep my sense of humor but as chris gets worse, i seem to get worse...i'm almost to the point where i just don't care anymore...maria will come crying how her brother went and hit her for no reason, and i just don't know what to do anymore...i have tried everything..the poor kid is probably just as confused as i am...i have tried loving him when he loses control(hard when he is cursing you out), i have tried time out (hard to keep a kid who weighs as much as you do down), i have tried taking toys away (he doesn't care), i have tried spanking (lol..thank god i didn't have a shoe in my hand)..nothing gets through to him...when all is calm, and the family is happy being a family, i just look at him and say isn't this better?? he says yes, puckers up for a kiss, and i think YES! i have gotten thru to him...but then half hour later..all you know what (not sure if i can say hell) breaks out <sigh> no wonder a glass of wine feels good some nights lol

marguerite...i will definitely take the advice about the signature...i'm completely computer illiterate so please bear with me....i am confused about what difficult child means tho..usually i can pick up what it means, but for the life of me...i have no clue

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Don't worry about being computer illiterate. I was when I stumbled across this board in desperation some 7 years ago. We'll help if we can.

Welcome to the board. :grin:


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Just wanted to add my welcome! We all have days when we don't like our kids-love yes but the liking part isn't always there.