AARRGGHHH!!! Idiot Caseworker! I could just scream....!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by DaisyFace, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. DaisyFace

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    [Quick re-cap: we have an MST worker who is primarily focused on parenting and the parent/child relationship...and we've been waiting for someone/something to work with difficult child and her issues directly.]

    We have been waiting for months - MONTHS - to get some kind of services through the state. Caseworker continues to tell me that she's "working on it"...

    Finally, I get a call that they have contracted with an agency who can help difficult child work on her anger issues. Great! Whoo-Hoo!

    Caseworker tells us she will have us meet two different in-home therapists to see which one is a better "fit" for our family and "clicks" with difficult child. OK-great!

    Well, today we get to meet the first therapist....who runs from the door as soon as she hears our dogs barking (I guess caseworker didn't think to mention the dogs - and therapist is terrified.).

    As for the second therapist? Well, there IS one...and we could pick her if we want...but she's already overbooked and won't really have time to work with difficult child...

    Any other options? Well, caseworker is "working on it".

  2. Malika

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    Perhaps it's just as well. If this lady was disturbed and dissuaded by a bit of barking, it's hard to imagine she would have been much good for your daughter. Hoping you can get another appointment with someone good.
  3. exhausted

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    Im so sorry DF. This has been a nightmare! Ours is so aweful with the state as well, I really can't share until some legal stuff happens.

    The therapist that came isn't willing to get to know your pooches? Can pooches go out or go to take a nap when she is there? If said therapist works in homes she better go get therapy to overcome her dog fear! Honestly-sigh!

    Other therapist will just have to clear her books and give the "dog scaredy-cat" one of her dog free families!
  4. AnnieO

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    She ran from the dogs?

    I hope she's seeing someone for these issues.

    Now, mind, I'm not a dog person. But you know what? I own one. And I love him to death. I do NOT like being slobbered on, but I will deal. I don't RUN unless they snarl.
  5. DaisyFace

    DaisyFace Love me...Love me not


    Yes, we will make arrangements around the dogs....most likely meeting the therapist outside the home so that she won't have to hear the barking.
  6. keista

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    Oh, DF will this ever end for you?

    When I first read that sentence, I thought it would end in difficult child NOT dogs. Honestly I'd rather go up against a pack of rabid pits than some difficult children! Everyone does have their weaknesses, so if accommodations can be made it's worth a shot. Overbooked is NEVER much help.
  7. jennd23

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    Oh my. How sad that you have to meet an "in home" therapist outside of the home.....grow up lady!
  8. frostie

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    My heart goes out to you...it's one wall after another.
  9. Steely

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    OMG - really???? I am sorry - but what in home therapist has a fear of dogs??? That is simply lame. Gimme a break. It is almost laughable. Like Keista said I would go up against a pitbull anyday over my difficult child when he is going off. OMG - that is just insane. I don't even know what to say, except no wonder the other one is overbooked.

    I believe the state it not going to be able to help you - and I am sorry - I know you need it. What other choices do you have?
  10. klmno

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    I'm sorry.

    I'm surprised though that they are going to let you have another in-home therapist in addition to MST. Normally, MST requires being the ONLY therapist working with anyone in the family.

    Are you sure the caseworker isn't just thiniking you don't really need one that bad since you have MST? Or that MST worker hasn't told caseworker "no rush- I can handle it- they just need to give it time"?
  11. Wiped Out

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    So disheartening. Sending hugs your way.
  12. HaoZi

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    Wow, if the dogs spook her she'd never be able to handle difficult child.
  13. DDD

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    I'm sorry. Hugs. DDD
  14. slsh

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    Have to admit, I wonder about her ability to deal with- a difficult child if she can't handle a barking dog. ;)

    Boo had a nurse once who was *terrified* of cats. We had 3 at the time. I'd never heard of someone being scared of cats... she jumped out of her skin when the first one wandered into the living room. When all 3 showed up, she was near tears. It was awful.

    Some days you just have to shake your head. It's amazing the goofiness that comes up in our lives.
  15. KTMom91

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    Just the barking scared her? OMG...
  16. DammitJanet

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    We actually kept social workers away from the house by letting our iguana lounge on the back of our sofa. At first they would step foot into the doorway but then the lizard would turn her head when she heard voices and bob her head up and down while stretching and out those gals would race...lmao.
  17. AnnieO

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    Hmm... Iguanas can be pretty nasty, though. And most people don't like what they call "lizards".

    I was born in the desert, I know what a lizard is and what ain't.
  18. DammitJanet

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    Well Step...that was kinda the point...lol. She made quite the deterrent. Including tail, she was right at 5 and a half feet long.