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    Hi everyone! I would love to tell you that everything has been going smooth around here... But I can't.

    My difficult child got suspended yesterday for the second time of his kindergarten year. He will be missing the last 2 days of school. He had started on risperdal and along with therapy things were looking up.

    I was not happy with things I considered side effects of the risperadol. Very frequently wetting his pants and complaining of stomach discomfort.

    Then the bomb dropped and my difficult child was back to his old ways. Hitting other children, adults and knocking over anything in his way. (These are all behaviors that go on in school and daycare, not with me. But then again he is a only child so the dynamics are way different)

    Sooo yesterday we had an appointment with his psychiatrist and he is now starting on 1mg 2x a day of Abilify. I just really want some feedback on others experience with this medication. Good or bad...I will stay open-minded, I know medication reacts different for everybody.

    Thanks! and thank God for this website!!!
  2. Big Bad Kitty

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    Tink started Abilify a year ago and I have seen a vast improvement. She started on 2.5, then went up to 5. doctor said I could try 7.5 but she got really mean on that amount. I backed off to 5 and that seems to be her good dose.

    She is by no means perfect now, but she is better than she was.
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    Like BBK my son is on 7.5 mg Abilify and when we tried to go to 10mg it was awful. difficult child never had a good turn on Risperdal. Same here to better than he was.
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    difficult child 1's psychiatrist started him on Abilify in October, 2007. difficult child 1 didn't have any negative side effects - It just took a long time before the Abilify began to kick in.

    difficult child 1 has always been a loner - He is now a little more outgoing than he used to be. Also, he will now do certain chores even though he doesn't want to do them without a total "meltdown." When he loses some of his "Reward Time", he now usually just accepts that he acted inappropriately. Prior to being on Abilify, if he lost some of his "Reward Time", he would just "melt."

    I really need to update my signature!!! FYI, difficult child 1 is 17 yrs old, is bipolar and also an Aspie. He has been on Trileptal for about 3 years. Now he takes both Trileptal and Abilify. This combo seems to work well for him.

    I hope the Abilify helps your difficult child. I'm glad you found this site!!! It's a great place to come for support and information. The people here are the best!!! WFEN
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    K did a lot better on Abilify than Risperdal. She was on Abilify for the longest as far as AP's. Abilify was the best as far as helping her with rages and controlling her hallucinations at one point. Sometimes though they peter out and need to be switched up or just don't work as well, they just don't work for some that well for long term.
    Good luck
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    My difficult child has been on Abilify for a few months. He was crying ALL the time prior to starting it and now he seldom cries. He's also taking Focalin XR and Lithobid. He' taking 7.5 mg of the Abilify and we can increase to 10 mg if we need to. So far, this combo is working.
  7. jannie

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    Abilify is working quite well for my 8 year old. He's been on it for over two year. He takes about 12.5 mg a day. For us it has been much better than the risperdal, plus fewer side effects as well. Good luck
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    I just wanted to Thank everyone for the feedback. It was very positive and I am hopeful things will even out for us as well.
    This is day 4 on the Abilify and things are well. He seems more tired. Tommorow is his first day back to daycare and I am worried sick. He is on thin ice with this program. So I will keep you all posted and thanks again for the support!!!