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I've posted a few times when easy child was just downright nasty to me. I wanted to let you know how proud I am of my son.

He has had some rather unflattering moments throughout my illness. Most of it was before we knew the exact cause, but not all of it. However, he has really stepped up to the plate in a lot of areas. He's been doing the laundry (I sort, he washes and dries) as I've had some balance issues with the various medications and I've almost broken my neck on the basement stairs while balancing a laundry basket on more than one occassion. (Me and my love of shoes and I've been stuck in sneakers....sigh...) He will not let me vacuum. Following the heart caths/angioplasty, you're not allowed to vacuum for a period of time...10 days, I think...something about the motion, I'm not sure what exactly. He has just decided that I really don't need to be doing it and is doing it himself. (He is a bit bossy. NO idea where he gets that from. :wink:)

While I was in the hospital in July, he borrowed a friend's carpet scrubber and scrubbed the living room carpet. He didn't realize that you need to rinse and so the shampoo in the carpet attracted dirt and it looked bad. So we rented a steam vac from the store this afternoon and he scrubbed the carpet again. I haven't had to remind him once to mow the lawn. In fact, while he was in Georgia over the summer he was in touch with my second son to make sure it was getting done.

He's applied for a job. I still haven't returned to full time hours - although I have that intention every Monday morning - and he's decided that he needs to help pay the bills. I'm not going to let him do that, of course. He'll save his paychecks for a car.

I posted on ideas on how to wake a teenager just before school started. I haven't had to wake him once. He's gotten himself up everyday by himself.

AND when I correct him when he's driving, he doesn't argue. He asks me if he's doing it right, how that turn was, how that stop was, etc.

He has his less than stellar moments, of course, but we've talked and I really think it was based in fear. We have so many unknowns right now with my health, income, housing...big issues.

You know, easy child has never been a follower. He's always done his own thing. He's compassionate and kind and not afraid to go against the crowd for what he believes is the right thing to do. He's a good person.

I just wanted to share that with my friends. :flower:


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Well, didn't that feel good to post all of that? I'm glad things are going well and that he is still the easy child. Sounds like a good kid.


It did feel good to post this. I had tears in my eyes. In the months leading up to the heart attack, before we knew what was going on, easy child was so nasty to me.

It's nice to have my son back.


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What a proud Momma you must be!!! He sounds like such a good kid. (Can I say I am envious :wink: )
I am so so glad you have him during all of this. And what a great role model that is setting for you daughter. Is he able to convince her to pitch in as well?


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Darn...no flashlights! :cry:

You needed it, you deserve it, and YOU should be the proudest Mom going!

Congrats! :flower:



If easy child tries to suggest anything to difficult child, he is just accused of trying to boss her around. However, she did clean the downstairs for me this week when I was down for the count.


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Way To Go to easy child! Sometimes they just get lost for a bit of time and finally find their way back.

Im glad he is a young man he can feel good about. It must make him feel very good about himself.