About this next missing girl in FL-

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    Am I the only person that thinks this 17yo girlfriend is suspicious? I think the father is telling the truth- but I'm not convinced about the girlfriend. Thoughts?

    Of course, Elizabeth was taken from her bedroom and another child was in the room and Elizabeth was a lot older than 5yo.
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    Nope I am with you..........very suspicious.........not to mention, sad.
  3. Hound dog

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    Do you have a link to the story?? I haven't even heard about it. I avoid the news.
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    Very sad. Very suspicious. This is getting to be a trend. :(
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    Dunno. Dad's first reaction of "I'm gonna kill someone" as opposed to "Help, cops, come to my house my daughter is missing!" is a little weird to me, too. They played the audio of the call on the radio yesterday morning---he doesn't sound panicked or worried, just pure angry. Which is...I dunno. Not what I'd expect. It sounded more like he knew who had his daughter, y'know?
  7. Hound dog

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    Odd how they don't seem to have a issue with Dad having a 17 yr old girlfriend.

    Dad took a polygraph and passed. Not saying that makes him innocent......but being able to pass one under that type of stress would make me think so.

    Yeah. 17 yr old girlfriend......does seem suspicious. A locked back door that's found standing open with a brick.........

    Prayers being said this little girl is found quickly and for her family.:(
  8. DammitJanet

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    I can see the dad being absolutely panicked and ****** and mad as hell. He is in his 20's after all and his daughter is missing and the first thing that crosses his mind is that someone stole her to sexually molest her so his brain is thinking...kill the B. I would think the same thing. I know without a doubt Cory would say the same thing on a 911 tape.

    I dont know about the girlfriend. I think something may have happened like they are speculating on tv. Maybe she put the kids down and then had some friends over and left the door cracked so that the door opening and closing wouldnt wake the kids. Maybe she forgot it was like that when she finally went to bed. Anyone who thinks a regular door lock with a regular deadbolt on a trailer is too hard for a 5 year old to reach or open is nuts. I live in one and Keyana can open mine. She is 2. If she really wanted out she could leave. She can turn those nobs.

    I think that FL is a bit reactive after Caylee and it doesnt help that this childs name rhymes with that name.
  9. Hound dog

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    Good point about the door locks Janet. Also......just because the child is afraid of the dark does not mean it is not possible she wandered out of the trailor. Kids do stupid things you'd never expect them to do all the time. My nephew at age 2 escaped his parents downstairs apartment every single night. My sister tried everything from high locks to baby gates to broomsticks in the patio door. She finally had to start sleeping with him. And guess what......he was afraid of the dark.

    I'm not too surprised at the Dad's reaction either. I can see sister in law acting the same way if someone took Darrin. He'd be hurting, but he'd be wanting to rip whoever it was to pieces too.

    And the child has wandered off before. They found her face down in water that time. I hope to heaven it hasn't happened again. :( :(
  10. DammitJanet

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    Cory was an escape artist as a toddler. One fine morning a state trooper found him heading to the local gas station to buy ice cream at dawn. He had taken a dollar off the table, unlocked the door, and headed out across a field down the road still wearing his little night time tee shirt and diaper. Cop saw him, turned around and asked him where he was going. Cory said..."get ice cweam"...cop said where did you come from...Cory pointed "over dere". Cop picked him up and took him to get the ice cream and brought him home...lol. We were still asleep. It was like six am. Needless to say we put a hook type lock at the top of the door that afternoon.
  11. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I think it's normal to suspect the 17 year old - however this 20 year old father is in FL and the Mother is in GA. There has been a BITTER custody battle raging over Haleigh (missing child).

    Given everyone's ages in this deal I dont' think you are dealing with non-difficult child's or even very mature people. If the father is 20 - and that little girl is what 4 or 5? You do the math. And yeah - what is with the 17 year old girlfriend?? WOW!

    I tend to agree with what Janet said about the rhyming and the Florida deal, because 1000's of children go missing EVERY DAY and yet this one is publicized immediately.

    My best wishes :angel3:are with this little girl for her safe return and her family who is hurting.
  12. susiestar

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    I can understand the dad's reaction of "I'm gonna kill somebody" because I very well might react that way myself. Far more likely to than my husband.

    I think the difficult child factor is involved. I hope and pray that no family member was involved.

    I did think it touching that the mom said words to the effect of if you don't want to take her to someone else, bring her to me. With a bitter divorce/custody/whatever, you kinda have to wonder if they will polygraph the mom also.

    I HATE situations like these - wherever they happen. Another lost little girl to pray for.
  13. eekysign

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    Oh, I'm not saying I don't understand the Dad's reaction. :) I'm just saying I can't imagine it was his FIRST reaction, the one from the 911 call! The whole call was "You better get down here 'cause if I find who did this first, I'm gonna kill 'em."---he barely even mentioned his daughter at all, just saying they couldn't find her.

    I dunno. Every other 911 call I've ever heard in an abduction is: "I came home and she was missing, oh god, where is she? What if someone's got her? What if she wandered out and drowned? Please send help, please *chokes up*" - not "Someone has her, and I'm going to kill them." I guess from what you guys are saying it's fairly normal, but I've never, ever heard a parent on TV, talking about an abducted child, EVER say anything like that within the first 24 hours. Maybe the news just doesn't show THOSE crazy interviews? ;)

    There's a few articles out there saying the Mom "confirmed" that Haleigh wandered away a few years ago and was found floating face down in a canal in their backyard. Mom had to revive her--blames the Dad, who was supposed to be watching her. So she's at least wandered off before. But seriously---someone grabs a 5 y/o from a foot away from you? And the kid doesn't make a sound, you don't feel her go, her sib doesn't wake up? Or someone took her in the minute you were in the bathroom? Agh. Too many questions! And you didn't lock the doors before bed, as a 17 yr old girl alone with- two little kids in the house?

    I hope they find her. But it all sounds a little weird.
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  14. TerryJ2

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    Hmm. There could be more to it. Maybe Fla is gun shy (excuse the expression).
    I hope she's safe.
  15. Marguerite

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    I can understand how things can happen when you're still in the room or just in the next room, and you didn't hear - we got burgled one summer night, the bloke came in the bedroom window while I was in the shower and husband was in the very next room, doors open between. husband didn't hear a thing, neither did I. I came out of the bathroom, stopped to speak to husband as I walked past or I would have seen the guy's face. However, he heard me stop and speak so he was heading back out the window as I went into the room. I got a good look at the back of him. If he had stayed, he'd have got a good look at the FRONT of me, fresh from the shower.

    I also know from past experience just how soundly teens can sleep!

    If the dad is only 20, having a girlfriend who is 17 seems perfectly normal. Maybe not legal (depending on local laws) but hey, whoever said kids worry about what is legal when it comes to their relationships?

    I do hope this child is found safe. It does sound like she is also capable of going off on her own. I used to be afraid of the dark, but when I woke up at night and it already WAS dark, or there was some light outside from moon, or street lights, I would sometimes get up and look out of the window, or sometimes quietly took myself outside. I knew how to unlock the door and would do it quietly, then let myself back in later and put the key back. I don't think my mother ever knew how much I wandered. There is a surprising amount of light even before false dawn.

  16. DammitJanet

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    Before we vilify the father and the girlfriend, lets all remember the Elizabeth Stark case where she was taken out of her bed and no one heard anything either. She was even older and slept in a room with a sister.

    If someone wants to get a child they can get them out of the house. I dont think the father acted at all oddly or out of character for a 20 year old male. At that age you dont calm down long enough to think of more than one thing at a time and finding who took your baby is number one on the list. You gotta admit he is acting a whole lot different than Tot Mom Casey Anthony did.
  17. Hound dog

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    That's true. If the girlfriend had people over......and the back door was left open.....who knows, maybe they were sneaking in and out so the dad wouldn't know she had company in while he was gone.......It would've been easy for someone to sneak in and snatch her. And just as easy for her to sneak out without being seen.
  18. TerryJ2

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    She was featured on America's Most Wanted Last night. :(