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    If anyone has had any experience with a wilderness camp in Hawaii will you send a PM.

    Hope that was ok to ask?
  2. When I research possible options for my daughter I only found two programs in Hawaii and one were for weight-issues only.

    Without naming it, I found that they basically maintain a farm so it is not a wilderness program like many others where they march out in the desert. If your child use substances like GHB a hot desert combined with a march can be a killer. My husband got an article from Arizona sent to him about at least two deaths as result of GHB users who had been sent to wilderness programs where they basically overheated and died regardless of first aid being applied instantly.

    My former ED-con described the program as very relaxed relying on the isolated location of the program to motivate the participants to make changes. I have learned that they have opened a second campus somewhere in California.
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    I sent a PM.