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    I have been at Jamies since 2am friday morning. We left our house about 9 thursday evening and drove here so we could have more time with him. I love him dearly...as well as his wife and baby...but these trips send me just about round the bend.

    His wife is a few fries short of a happy meal! She has nothing wrong with her other than a terminal case of stupids. She wears me out when I have to be around her long.

    We took Keyana up with us because this was for Hailies first birthday party and I also wanted to finally get pics of the girls together. Maybe I should have had better sense than to take a two year old to a party where Hailie would be lavished with gifts but I was led to believe by Jamies wife that they wanted to also celebrate Keyanas birthday since they couldnt be at our house for her real birthday a month ago. It didnt happen that way at all. Poor Keyana had to watch as this already extremely spoiled one year old got lavished with toys when the only people who got her anything for HER birthday were me, a couple of things from Cory, and a card with$25 in it from my Dad. Jamie and his wife didnt even send her a gift!

    Keyana cried and cried because she just didnt understand and wanted some toys too. We had to restrain a crying and broken hearted little girl for most of the afternoon.

    Then I finally took Keyana back to Jamies soon after the present opening, singing, and her watching Hailie get a little cake for herself to smash and semi eat. I got her down for a nap but not long after that Billie brought Hailie home too and one of her friends showed up with a 14 month old and an extremely annoying 3 year old who was hellbent on tormenting Hailie everytime she even touched any of Hailies old toys. I have only had to put Keyana in time out once in her life before today. She was in time out at least 6 times for screaming, grabbing, and hitting/shoving. No one rebuked the 3 year old for what he was doing to her. She was a confused and miserable mess.

    I dont sleep well anyway here because we sleep on a L shaped sofa in the living room so I get woke up the second anyone comes in the room. My nerves are so shot I started crying tonite. I hurt physically and mentally.
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    Well Billie certainly didn't think, did she? Aubrey did fine with Darrin's party, but easy child is smart and gives the kids goodie bags filled with smaller toys to help take the sting out of something they aren't quite old enough to understand.

    Man. It's hard to believe the baby is a year old already. Can't wait to see that picture of Keyana and Hallie.

    I'm sorry this trip has been so miserable for little Keyana.

    And I know how such trips can be so exhausting. It's why I don't go home to visit anymore. Maybe next time you could get one of thos inflatable mattresses instead of sleeping on the couch. At least they're more comfortable. I can't sleep away from home worth a hoot either. ugh

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    THAT is a wonderful saying. I'm going to steal that, if you don't mind. :)

    Sorry about the birthday event. Kids that young do not understand, and watching someone not discipline their child in a proper manner is VERY frustrating.

    I know there have been a few times at the store when there is some screaming kid that I've gone up to them and said sternly...STOP! I scare the crud out of them mostly because I'm in some silly costume and I have a loud voice. Parent was probably offended, but you can only take so much. The kid has already got a cookie, a sample, a sticker...spoiled brat.

    I'm a light sleeper so sofa sleeping wouldn't work for me. Stupid roomie Dave does NOT know how to close a door without slamming it a dozen times, hence me being up at 3:30am.

    My suggestion? Go to the store and get Keyana a $1 pinwheel then a hug. She'll blow and blow and feel special.

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    Ah, poor Keyana and Janet. Birthday parties for itty ones are so hard.

    Hugs to you and little Keyana. Abbey had a good idea.
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    Janet, I'm sorry that your trip is turning into such an ordeal for you and for Keyana. Jamie's wife does sound like she's "a few fries short ...". She doesn't think things through at all, does she? No two year old would understand that, seeing another child being lavished with new toys and cake and all that attention and them not. I have a great-nephew that same age and I know he wouldn't understand either and would have reacted the same way Keyana did. At that age they probably don't even know what a "birthday" is, they just see presents and new toys and cake!

    I have a brother a few years older than I am, and another brother a few years younger. When we were kids and one of us had a birthday, our mother would get a small gift for the other two also so we had something to open up too. When I grew up, I though this was kind of a dumb idea and vowed not to do it with my own kids, but I've re-thought it now. The little ones just don't understand and can't be expected to. I never had to make that decision with my kid because they ended up five years apart. By the time my son had his first birthday my daughter had just turned six and she was in her "little mother" stage. My daughters birthday is eleven days before her brothers, and when they got a little older, HE was the one complaining! He just couldn't understand why, even just once, his birthday couldn't come first before hers! Not fair!
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    Oh, Janet, I DO hope you get some sleep.

    I laughed out loud at your statement about the terminal case of stupids, too. I know you're frustrated but that was so funny.

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    shhhhh...I think Janet is still sleeping.
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    LOL...thanks for listening to me vent. I was typing away in the middle of the night on a laptop in the dark trying not to cry..sigh.

    I escaped this morning at 10am sharp. I couldnt take one more minute...lol. Im sure they thought I was nuts but we had already made plans to stop at my Dads on the way home and I was already into the negative on my nerves. I swear I cried half way to my Dads simply because I was so depleted. I dont think I can make those sort of trips much more.

    We had a nice time with my Dad but my step mom pulled me aside to tell me that they are getting really worried about my Dads health. He is losing his short term memory. Im completely devastated to even think of this. My mom died of alzheimers and I cant go through that again. My step mom wanted me to start preparing myself for what may happen. I dont want to. He cant leave me because I am not ready to live without him.

    I dont know how I am going to get through the next year or so worrying about him and Jamie...sigh.
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    Janet, I'm so sorry that you are going through all this... what a blow... why don't you give me a call as you're coming thru? I can't solve all the problems, but we could have lunch or something... I can listen and be a shoulder to lean on for a while...???
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    Janet -

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    I hate when adults expect a little toddler to understand things that don't even make sense to an adult! We've all lived through so many tiny tots' birthday parties enough to know to plan a little something special for EACH little one, but I guess it never occurred to Billie that there is life outside her little world - that's too bad. She missed a perfect opportunity to make a special memory for everyone. Hugs Janet, it stinks. (and I also loved the stupid comment - PERFECT!). And I do not hesitate to put someone else's kid in time out when I feel it's appropriate and if the parents doesn't like it, I will tell them so as well. Pah!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. As you may recall, I'm in the midst of this with my mom. She's staying at my house this week (I took the week off because she needs round the clock care). I will tell you something. As frustrating as it is - the physical care of it - the conversations have been some fun. You know, we have the same conversation at least 20 times a day. It's almost nice not having to come up with new material. And I have my mom hooked on this fabulous game called "Shuttles". It takes patience and strategy to play it and after about 20 games, she's kicking my rear end. She loves playing it and I can see that she enjoys using her mind in a different manner. We laugh a lot and she is sharing some information with me about things she never has. You have to have a bit of a sense of humor about it. Of course, when things get really rough, my tune will change. In the meantime, I'm cherishing this time together. Again, sorry about your dad, sending lots of hugs to you~