Acronym Decoder please!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by bonkers, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. bonkers

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    Quick Q:
    I am new to this list (never been on an online forum period) and am confused with all the acronym.. Could someone explain them to me? I went to the FAQ’s but did not see them listed… Sorry for being such a newbie….
  2. jeanett8

    jeanett8 New Member

    Look under FAQ board abbreviation/acronyms
  3. bonkers

    bonkers New Member

    OK I click on FAQ and these are my options - again sorry for being dense!!

    Why should I register?
    Why do you ask for two email addresses?
    Does my browser to have to be set to accept cookies?
    How do I log in?
    Help! I'm having trouble logging in!
    What is the title that appears beneath my Display Name in posts?
    What are these titles about?
    I forgot my password!
    How do I change my password?
    How do I add an image to my message?
    Is there a limit to the size of an image I can have in my signature?
    Can I attach a file to my post?
    What are the rules of conduct for the forum?
    How do I edit my profile?
    How do I edit my display preferences?
    Why is a post's subject so important?
    How do I find posts that may already have the answer to the question I have?
    What does the flashing envelope icon on the My Messages island indicate?
    What do the letters next to my received Private Messages mean?
    I'm having problems getting the URL tags to work.
    What if I make a mistake in my post?
    What if I post in the wrong forum?
    Can I use HTML in my posts?
    How do I put a poll in my post?
    How do I change the number of posts displayed on a page?
  4. bonkers

    bonkers New Member

    Ahhhh... Never mind got it thanks!!! It is a board in itself rather then the FAQ link... Sorry again!!!
  5. JJJ

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    Don't worry bonkers, we've all been new here once, it is confusing.