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    For those of you who have IBS or chronic constipation (from medications or other reasons) try this stuff. It really does what it says! I have both of the above. I used to take Zelnorm before they pulled it off the market it and it was the only thing that helped with IBS. Then I went into Chronic severe constipation due to medications and nothing worked (added fiber, water, etc.), NOTHING at all. It was horrible place to be in let me tell you.

    I know someone else just recently posted about the same problem and I forget who now. I usually don't believe commercials but my SO said "try it" so I did ( here it runs about $5.47 for an 8 pack). That's about .68 cents for a little 4 oz cup of yogurt (that really tastes good too!). Expensive I think but compared to medications that don't/didn't work and nothing else working it's been the best money I have spent and will continue to spend for the relief.

    So yes, I am promoting this product! :)
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    I have had similar good results from the acidophilus capsules. I get the ones that are stored in the fridge after opening, and have had a lot of positive results.

    I am glad you found something that helps you. I think they are coming out with quite a line of foods in the Activia brand, so hopefully more people with these problems will be helped.

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Do you know if Activa helps with the other side (non-constipated to put it politely) of IBS. I've got the "other problem" some people get.

    I suppose, given that I'm loaded with intestinal strictures due to endometriosis that that's "safer", but it is still annoying.
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    I'm not sure. I could go back and forth with the IBS at times. This does seem to keep that regular (meaning the after meal run doesn't happen). It sounds contradictory I know but I guess I can't really explain it.

    I'd say give it the trial period and see. It claims it will work in that time period to regulate you. It's a small investment and if it works, great.
  5. GoingNorth

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    Oh believe me, Tia...I DO know about the "after meal" run (and "run" is not exaggerating one iota) part of IBS.

    That and the bloating is the part I'm trying to manage