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  1. witzend

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    Has anyone tried acupuncture for menopausal symptoms? Because of my clotting illness, I can't take any estrogen replacement. But these hot flashes are just about to kill me. I must smell like god knows what! I'm up all night flopping my blankets. I'm red-faced and sweaty half the day. And I am so tired of pretending that I'm not hormonally crazy!
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    I don't know about acupuncture in humans, but I have witnessed it being used in dogs. The most amazing thing I ever saw with it was abdominal surgery being performed on a horse with no other anesthetic used other than a sedative so she'd stand still for the work. No pain killing medications or anything like that.

    The mare stood like a rock while her ovaries were removed (spaying horses removes the ovaries but leaves the uterus intact. They don't get fibroids or stuff like we do.

    Psychomatic issues don't happen in horses. She was spayed due to really bad mood swings during heat periods and was a performance horse not aimed at breeding once she retired from performing.

    In fact, I am looking at acupuncture for my back and neck pain.
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    I've used acupuncture for allergies/sinus issues. Also for stress and anxiety. I've had wonderful success. But, my Acupuncturist is also a licensed/practicing chinese medical doctor. He does the pulse reading and provides herbs to also treat me. At first, I didn't believe him, especially while he's feeling my wrists and telling me what ailments I had. But when he told me that I had a hysterectomy.....I figured he knew something from my pulse.

    All I know is that I can breathe better than ever. And that his herbs can take care of a sinus infection faster than any anti-biotics that I've ever tried.
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    Whats yer point? :tongue:
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    My point is that the menfolks are getting scared of the sweaty crazy woman! And I don't like the sweaty part much myself! ;)
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    When I was pregnant with the Tot Monsters, I had accupuncture to treat back and neck pain. Interestingly, it also seemed to really help with my morning sickness, as well as doing wonders for the pain I was actually seeking treatment for.

    I think it's worth a go.
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    Witz, find someone who is certified, and it is very worth it.

    At the worst? It won't work. At the best? You will be able to recommend it to us...