ADD/ADHD----put your stories in here

OK - I began to think my ADHD child had a career as a lawyer when I received a call from school that he had been saying inappropriate things in the hallway. It turns out, he was spelling four letter words. To him, he knew he couldn't SAY them, but spelling was a whole other matter. This was a quick lesson for him to learn!

The longest night of the year...

My ADHD 8 year old woke me up this morning to announce that he had proven a "scientific fact". "The longest night of the year is the night before your birthday, I know this because I've been waking up all night to check and its always dark when I do.
I think Christmas is really going to be fun this year!


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Hello, hello. You want stories about ADD or ADHD children in here, is that right? I could provide tons and difficult child in only three, almost four. He hasn't been diagnosis yet though, does that make a different. Actally I am now questioning the ADHD. His problem is more rage and being extemely annoying and demanding. Lots of mood changes. I don't know what he is. . .some kind of strange new life form that only he understands.. .
I'll check back later for a response.

How about the disappearing problem? My difficult child's impulsivity causes us to loose her regularly. I'm planning a book on just the places I've lost her. Let's see, "The Mall of America," Target stores, Home Depot, Church, School, A wedding dance, our neighborhood for two hours, etc, etc, etc.