Adult son terrorizing me


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My 20 year old son has been using and abusing me for years. I have enabled him and am getting better at holding my boundaries. Things have been spiraling the last week or so. He is off and on homeless so I guess my guilt makes me make enabling decisions. Anyway he has been saying and texting that I'm going to die and he's coming for me, which he has said before but today he said he's going to kill me and then himself. When things are going bad for him he harasses me for money, cigarettes, ect. When I say no he spirals and starts manipulating and threatening. I seriously can't take it anymore. I am going to the police station tomorrow to report the death threats.


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I’m glad you’re going to report the threats to police. You should probably get an order of protection and a home security system. Block his number. If he calls from another phone, don’t answer or call him back. Ask the police what they would advise you to do. They deal with this scenario all the time. It would be better if your son didn’t know your address or where you work, but most people don’t move or change jobs when this happens. Keep your phone charged at all times. Tell the neighbors they are to call the police if they happen to see him on your property. Change the locks and install a doorbell camera.