Affordable kids' clothes?

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    I laughed when I read the JCP thread - it went in so many directions :)

    I wanted to follow up on one subthread, though - where do you all find reasonably priced, good quality NEW clothes? I'm assuming we all hit consignment stores and rummage sales from time to time, but it's nice to get new stuff, too.

    Here's my tip - what are yours?

    I buy a lot of my kids' school clothes from Lands End Overstocks online. If something isn't right, you can return directly to Sears rather than shipping back. I discovered last week that Sears will MATCH the online price even on online clearance items. I traded 1/2-price jeans purchased online for full-price ones a size larger in the store. It's a supervisor override, so you might have to find the right clerks. The supervisor had one of the clerks enter everything under her direction and then keyed the approval. She told me they'll even do it directly without having to order online first if you show them the online price.

    My mind reels with the possibilities! (You mean if they are sold out on line in my kid's size, I can just get it here if you have it? Yes).
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    Wow that is a cool tip. Thanks for that.
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    I don't buy that many of my grandson's clothes except for a few special things on Christmas or his birthday. My daughter doesn't exactly economize on his clothes and she has always dressed him really well. But she doesn't get extravagant or throw money around. There is an outlet mall near them that she goes to a lot. She watches for the sales and she knows where every store in town is that sells kids clothes and shoes and she does a lot of comparison shopping.
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    Clearance racks are my friend - at any store. Shoes, jeans, coats, name it. Buy at the end of the season in a size or two ahead - that's my secret.
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    A wonderful way to get baby clothes is on ebay. You can get very good deals on mixed lots for very good prices of some excellent name brand clothes. I dressed Keyana in adorable clothes from major name brands when she was younger that I could have never afforded brand new. Babies and toddlers outgrow clothing long before they wear them out. It does get harder when they get older though.
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    Sierra Trading Post has good stuff but you have to watch the pricing. They have a Bargain Barn area that is often cheap but sizes are limited.

    If you have several children, buy Land's End basics for the oldest because they will last FOREVER. I watched VERY closely when Sears bought them because Sears has had a rep for buying a company and trashing the quality completely, at least for clothing and non-Craftsman stuff. They have not done this to LE as far as I can tell. If you are checking overstocks, do it on Fri. That is the day they add thngs to the super marked down area. They used to do this on Wed too, but I haven't seen much lately.

    Children's Place also has VERY durable, good quality clothing and when they have a sale? WOW. Their socks and Old Navy's were about the only ones Wiz would wear for several years and I actually managed to get them cheaper on clearance or sale there than I could have gotten the WalMart brands for.

    When you go to thrift stores, etc.... look at the brands. Each store has its own quality level, at least around here.
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    I have done well at Kohl's for some things-you have to buy when things are on clearance and you get a 20% coupon (which are frequent). I like to do this when you get Kohl's cash back. I guess you can get 30% when you have one of their credit cards. I got a bunch of baby clothes(7 outfits) for about $25.00 dollars. I have gotten very nice quality bras, sweaters, jeans as well for as little as $3.00 bucks. You have to look often and many times I can't find anything. Other times, it's almost like you are stealing-so cheap.

    I also like Marshal's and TJ Max. Again you have to stay on top of it. I also shop the sales at these places. Good brands.

    When my daughter was younger, I did really well at Dillard's on the sales rounders. They have a wide range of prices but, the quality is good on almost everything. The sales would sometimes be 70% off. They had a lot to choose from. I don't know if this is still true.

    I don't shop Sears at all because of their labor practices.
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    Kiddo prefers Hanes stuff from Wal-Mart. Lucky me!
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    I tend to buy a lot of my children's clothes from Old Navy online. I receive sale updates and discount codes via e-mail, and usually wait until I can use the discount on something that's already been marked way down. And they have free shipping, if you're not in a tearing hurry to get the items.

    Walmart is okay for some basics, and Costco has some very good deals too.
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    Only PC14 wears kids sizes now - (my boys are tiny) but Kohls was my go to when my boys were little. As they got older and more label conscious - Old Navy and the clearance rack at the Gap were favs. I still buy many of their clothes at The Gap - they wear & wash well and the outlet has great deals. Burlington Coat Factory is the best for boy's dress clothes -- many high end brand sport coats, ties, dress slacks etc for rock bottom prices. I also bought quite a bit at Marshalls and TJ Maxx - mostly Ralph Lauren polos and sweaters as well as Team Logo apparel -tee shirts & jerseys. I hate to pay full price for that stuff. Bought a great many shoes at Marshalls too. SteinMart used to carry great boys clothes, but they no longer carry kids sizes by me.

    When they went to parochial grammar school - I bought their uniform pants and shirts at Sears (until they got brand conscious at around age 12-then Old Navy) Sears had a policy that if the clothes wore out before being outgrown, they would replace them for free. My boys always wore holes in the knees of their uniform chinos - and the Sears brand had reinforced knees plus the guarantee. They used to play hot wheels on their knees in the parking lot at recess - the asphalt was no match for thin material!
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    Oh - and I use the coupon code sites to find the best online discounts and I will google "gap coupon code" etc to see what pops up. I WILL NOT BUY ANYTHING online without a coupon code.
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    The Children's Place is great too. Brad's deals always has online coupons for them. They also mail a lot of their coupons. We have an outlet store where we live.
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    If you live anywhere in the 16 states in the middle of the country, Gordmans is a great place to shop: kids' clothes, women's clothes, men's clothes, home goods, etc. Prices are at least as cheap as Marshalls and TJ Max but the stores are laid out better and often have more and better merchandise. I've shopped there for years (used to be Half Price Store - name has changed but everyday prices are still about half of what you'd pay anywhere else).
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    I always bought Matt's clothes from the clearance section at The Gap. They had, at the time, amazing clearance sections. Up to 75% off polos, tees, pants -- he was always dressed super nice for cheap until he found his own identity - haha. It has been years since I have been in The Gap since I live so remotely, but it is worth a try - or go to The Gap Outlet - they also have great deals.