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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Liahona, Apr 15, 2013.

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    A few days ago the kids were again asking for a pet. They started talking about cats and difficult child 2 said very matter-of-factly that they are agents of satan. I about chocked. I asked him where he had heard that? He told me America's funniest videos. I guess he doesn't differentiate between tv and sunday school. The religion of AFV.

    I did explain that the AFV host said that trying to be funny.
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  3. HaoZi

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    My sense of humor would be no help here, because at that point I would suggest a pet demon or zombie.
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    Hahaha!!!! In this instance I would agree with difficult child 2. Cats poop in a box and then walk on people's countertops blech. (I know not all cats do this.) I'm more of a dog person.
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    LOL, I've had more problems with dogs than cats. Cats are snuggly and meticulous about grooming - meaning that litterbox? Isn't a countertop problem. Of course, mine stay off the counters, but still. Cats also do not eat their or others' poop or puke and dogs do. And then many (not all) dog people let their dogs LICK THEIR FACES. EWWWWW.
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    Cats puke! Yours never has a gross hair ball?
    And I've had cats that lick obsessively with that rough tongue.
    They jump up on everything you are working on....esp warm things like the computer....

    I still love them

    But all are a pain.....dogs and cats...and they are all cool too.

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    My very strong opinion is that anyone with seven children who even considers adding a pet better be prepared to say "the Devil made me do it"! LOL! Tell them when Cherub is twelve you all can talk about the subject again! DDD
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    And why wouldnt anyone want doggy kisses? Abby gives the best doggy kisses and doggy hugs! She actually will put her head up on your shoulder and snuggle it all the way around your neck leaning back with her head until she is almost completely around you with her arms. Its so cute. She does it when she knows you are upset. When she wants attention she leans back on your lap, throws her head back so her neck is exposed and lets you rub her neck while her eyes shut like she is in
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    SomewhereOutThere Well-Known Member incredibly Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)! Funny. Thanks for the chuckle.
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    HAahaha! Too funny. And accurate!
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    I said they were asking. The answer was no. But they will keep asking. We have to own our house first and not have a baby in the house. Its going to be a few years, but eventually we'll end up with pets.
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    Ugh... Janet, I am mildly allergic to something in dog food - they lick my arm, I get instant hives - but only where they licked. No WAY am I letting them lick my face. Besides, if Bubbles has been nosing in the litter box, he is NOT kissing me! YECH!

    Lia, I agree. We are looking at a pup this summer to grow up with Meggie, but we only have 2 kids in the house...
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    well... 6, maybe. If they wait until Cherub is 12... half of them won't be at home any more.