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    to weight watchers. Feels good. What I am doing is combining everything I've learned and researched for the past year or so about vegetarianism along with some tips from the SBD and The Skinny B!tch. It all fits nicely together.

    However, I feel like all I think about is food now and I hate that. It used to be I never thought about eating...and I guess that's how I'd end up eating the wrong things because when it finally registered that I was hungry, I'd reach for the first thing available. Now at least, although it seems obsessive, I am planning better and loading up on at least healthier choices for myself (and everyone else).

    Last night I made the most delicious pizza. Using a whole grain pre-made crust, I sauteed some onions, garlic, fresh tomatos, basil and bell peppers in some olive oil. Just when things were getting tender (but not soft) I spread it all on the crust. Added some hot cherry peppers from my garden (the only veggies that survived our cruddy wet summer) and then topped it with dollops of LF ricotta and mozzarella. Instead of shredding the cheese (thus using more) I peeled mozzarella sticks and laid them around the top. Anyway, it came out great and even H loved it. I was able to eat half the pie (sliced into 6 pieces so I had 3 pieces) and it was only 6 points!
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    good for you! As a fellow member of WW (just rejoined a couple weeks ago) I can tell you that you do think more about food. I think a lot of it comes from the planning. You can't just go in the pantry and grap a sweet snack or open the freezer and eat some icecream (I mean you can but....). It's about having healthy options on hand and planning satisfying meals.

    It's a good thing.

    It usually comes as a shock to most of us who do not eat healthy as a rule to discover that healthier eating can be a double bonus. Good for us - in all ways - and really tasty.

    Go to the archives for this forum and you will find a lot of yummy WW recipes (most of which include the points).

    That's a great thing about the meetings - the sharing of stories, tricks and recipes!

    Keep us posted on your progress!

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    I'm proud of you Jo!
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    Good for you Jo!!:) by the way, your recipe sounds delicious!!