Aly will be 10!!!

Can you believe it? Tomorrow is Aly's 10th B'day! Seems like only yesterday I was walking the floors of Wallie World with her bio mom trying to help her get through early labor.

To celebrate we received tickets to a professional woman's Basket Ball Team "The Monarchs" for this evening's game. A friend gave them to us, so the whole fam is going. Please pray that Aly can hold it together and that Jayme doesn't make ME meltdown! :hammer:

When I think back on how Aly was even just a year ago, I can't believe we are even planning such a trip. Last year this sort of thing would have already caused so much anxiety in her that we would have skipped the whole thing.

Is it maturity? Is it finally the right medication combo? Is it our learning how NOT to trigger her? Is it a combonation of all these things? What ever it is, I will take it and be so very thankful.

This also brings me to thanking each and everyone of you for your kindness, understanding and wonderful advise through all our trauma/drama throughout the years.

Feeling kinda melancholy or sensitive or what-have-you today, so please forgive me.

Thanks and love to you all,

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Happy Birthday Aly! :flower:I hope the day goes well-it's great to hear all the improvements she has made!

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My goodness, where does the time go? It's hard to believe Aly's going to be 10!

Here's to Aly's accomplishments. :smile:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALY!!!! :princess: I hope it's a wonderful fun day. :smile: