Am i being unreasonable?


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Today was court, because she has a current supervision order and has been resistant to the kids visitation with my son, it has been on ongoing issue in court. Cas contacted me today to inform me that they are not closing her file any time soon, which is good news. My sons visitation has now been increased to overnights every other weekend with the 2 oldest and 8 hours for the youngers. (hes been on a progressive schedule of increased time as he proves his ability to adequately look after them, hes been doing very well) I would hope one day maybe he would be able to take the two oldest boys perhaps as she just cant adequetly care for them all herself, especially with another on the way and a violent partner. In addition she us suppose to clear with CAS any adult who has access to the children. She had told me that CAS had cleared her new boyfriend but apparently thats not true. He is suppose to submit a criminal check to them which he never did. However I doubt very much they will remove the kids from her for that. At any rate, I have to thank all of you, your support gave me the reality check I needed to contact CAS and the childrens lawyer. This is still an upsetting situation but I feel better that all authorities know whats happening, God Bless you all !


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I am so glad that you had a reality check and contacted the children's lawyer and CAS. That was a very good thing. And CAS just might take the kids if this new man won't submit to a background check or his background check is not acceptable per their standards. I know here it is a BIG DEAL if the new partner won't get a background check, esp if someone reports his behavior as angry or controlling or trying to isolate them. been there done that with exSIL and her many psycho boyfriends.

Here in the US we provide the least amount for those who need help. But if you have the children's medical insurance, part of that includes transportation. You have to call a day or two ahead, and do some other things, but it is provided. You also get mileage reimbursement if you drive your kids to appointments. Something like 35 cents per mile per child, both ways to appointments. And my state sued to be allowed to not extend medicare to people under the federal poverty line a certain amount. We come up next to last in surveys of providing adequate medical care for kids. So in your area, there should be transportation available at least for the medical appointments for the kids. She would have to schedule ahead of time, but it should be there. Contact CAS and tell them you cannot keep up with all the appointments and what do they have to make sure that parents who cannot drive can get to the doctor?


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He was probably running off at the mouth when he claimed to have killed people, but I would call the police and say that he confessed to murder. Maybe if the police pay him a visit that will put him in his place.