Am now a firm believer in alternative medicine!!

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    easy child has been nauseous/vomiting for six weeks now. He lost 20lbs in under two weeks. Been having a really terrible time.

    He's been through so many test lately....gallbladder, pancreas, liver...all sorts of things. The docs couldn't find anything wrong. Finally my Dad insists that easy child goes to his doctor. The guy went to china and studied medicine there. This guy practices what is called "pulse readings". He can tell all about your body from how your blood flows through the veins in your wrist.

    Of course, easy child and I are thinking, yeah, whatever. But we were willing to try. So, easy child meets this guy in his office and the guy starts feeling his wrists. This is what happened.....

    Your sinus's are all clogged up. You have a lot of allergies. (yes, we know this). You had a bad headache this morning. (true) Your shoulders are really tight right now and you can easily pop your shoulders too. (true, again). You are very excited/anxious about something happening soon. (easy child's girlfriend is coming over in a few days). So, what did you do to your knee when you were little, there is some soft-tissue damage. (true, again). And then, he gets to easy child's stomach. Oh, your tummy is just all a mess. easy child has an ameobic infection in his belly. Something that is very easily treated. All this took place in two minutes.

    ....and the other docs were talking exploratory surgery.
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    Wow-very interesting!
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    I have not heard of this, but I am a big believer in alternative medicine.

    Let us know how the treatment goes.
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    I was so excited to read this! Years ago I had a chiropractor who was able to tell me things like that - not exactly but pretty danged near close. I saw him once and he told me that I needed to up my water intake and avoid citric acid (he 'felt' a kidney infection coming on) and I didn't pay any attention to him and sure enough, I ended up with one! Another time, I saw him just after getting my allergy shots. He worked on my cranium and all my symptoms went away and my nasal passages drained within minutes. He advised that the shots were not helping and to discontinue. That time I listened. He was amazing. He even once predicted me getting my period without me giving him any clues. It was a bit eery.

    My friend just made an appointment at with Naturopath and I can't wait to hear how things go with her - she's had all sorts of odd symptoms and her regular docs are perplexed. Wish they were covered under my insurance!
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    OMG. This guy is good.

    Notice that he actually touched your kid. A lot of medical doctors don't even touch their pts any more--just start writing scrips. Pedicatricians are usually good at touching, but not always.

    I'd stick with-this guy.

    Wish I lived closer to you. I'd bring in difficult child.
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    Am interested in an is your son doing now?